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I really like the game, and it is very interesting for me.

It is mostly bug free with the exception of walls. What happens is I build some wall around my fairly large settlement, but each unit of  wall is counted as 1 building. Then, "Why can't I build anything?" 

I understand that there has to be a limit to the amount of structures in the game, but this makes walls hard to use. Thank you for developing this great game.

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Hi, thanks for the feedback! I believe you encountered a bug that can occassionally happen that prevents more buildings from being constructed for the rest of the game. It's not by design, as you should be able to build unlimited walls.


It seems it can only happen when placing walls. We will try to fix it for the next update. :)

how can i resize the windowed version?

Hi! Resizing is not supported at this point.

Hi, I have a chromebook and i downloaded the Linux version but the file doesn't give the option to install when I right click it. Please help.

Does your Chromebook support Linux apps? Linux users usually run the launcher file which downloads neccessary files from newest version of the game automatically.

I have macOS 10.14.1 with MacbookPro 8,1 (late 2011) and the app is not launching... is it compatible with my configuration? 



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Hey! Unfortunately we haven't tested on macOS versions prior to Catalina 10.15.X, so we can't say for sure.

i let it run for 15 hours and things broke


everyone stopped moving and then the food stopped going down i kept getting more people and they were fine for a little

Thanks for reporting.


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Is it available for windows 32 bit?

No, sorry. :(


Really fun can't wait for full release! Already I think it has a nice level of challenge, at least for me :P

Thanks for the comment. For a long time now we've been mostly working on ensuring the base game works well, but we can't wait to start working on more content and modes!


just beat the game after an hour of trys, a ton of fun! can’t wait for the full release

Thanks! After many years of prototyping, we're finally working towards a full game now. :)


I can't play. I'm on Fedora Linux and when I run the executable it shows the game for split second and just closes.

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Unfortunately some Linux users have issues with the auto-updater. Try the direct download instead:

hello, i downloaded the game just right now and the installer seems to be having an in game error. it tries to update and then says error cant find the specified file. how do i fix this?

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Hi, are you on macOS? Did you drag the file to another location before opening it?
Also, being behind VPN or firewall can hinder neccessary files from getting downloaded.

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Unfortunately some Linux users have issues with the auto-updater. Try the direct download instead:

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Just played the game and its excellent, so much so that I'm inspired to build mods for it. Any plans on making the game moddable? maybe a lua extension?

Hi, it's not something we focused on from the start so hard to say, but might work on it in the future. We're aware RTS games are great for modders, so we'll consider it.

Hey, thanks for the reply, keep up the good work :)


I love this game! Honestly, the only game I really keep track of for updates lol, can't wait for future updates :0! Especially a save one lol, good luck on development :D!!!!!/g

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Thanks for the feedback! We're finally releasing our next update very soon.
Save games will be added in an upcoming update as well. :)


Hi I've just downloaded this game for Windows but can't get it to run before the can't find specified file error pops up. The program on first run does throw up a defender smart screen warning that I bypass though. 

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi, a few things that pop to my mind are that you need to make sure you unzip first, and firewalls and/or VPN can make the server reject your connection so that the neccessary files aren't fetched from it.


Ah i fixed it another way by running the launcher as an administrator in the end which enabled it to download all the files 


Lovely game! One of my favorite AOE-likes around, and I'm always glad when a new RTS gets built. I'm hopeful about when you get some more advanced SP content built. 

We also love when new RTS games gets made and hope more developers do them in the future. The more advanced SP will come!

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I love it, but there are a few things you'd like to add such as LAN games, group control,...And also save game option is necessary

You can assign groups with CTRL + NUM, add units to groups with SELECT + NUM. Save games will come. :)


I love it! Clean, minimalist in style but surprisingly deep inside. I wish the single player aspect will be beefed up with scenarios, campaigns. One technical issue: I play on a 14' Thinkpad laptop screen 1080 x 1920 p (Win10).  The UI/fonts  are way too small and there is no setting for game resolution. I have to switch to desktop resolution 1366x768 to play comfortably.

Kudos to developers and long life to The Fertile Crescent!

Hi, we plan to add single player content down the track. Thanks for the comment!

why the latest version not working on macOS?

Hi, do you have the newest version? I just tested a game between macOS and Windows without any issues.

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I test two computer, macOS 11.0.1 and macOS 10.12.6, the game version is 1.0 I download from the latest download page 

the game is show checking for updates...   

after long waiting,  the game show "can not  find the specified file"   

I want to know if the game is must connect server, maybe the server can't be connected in my country。

if YES,  how to set proxy for the game?

Hi, this can be one of two things:
1. You haven't dragged the .dmg file out of zip to another location before opening it.
2. Your firewall (or if you're on VPN) blocks the server from giving you the files. The files are located on Google Drive, so if Google rejects the connection, the files don't get downloaded.

I play on mac and when i try the tutorial part, I can't click to turn off the first message box to play the game, pls help

It seems people have problem with the macOS version. I will look into this shortly.

I uploaded a new version Can you try again now?


Thanks you so much, now I can play ^^

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Feels like it would be much more elegant if starvation just made first military units lose HP slowly, then villagers. Wouldn't that reach a nice equilibrium? Instantly losing because of starvation feels like you got cheated


I guess the amount of HP loss would be have to be proportional to the food deficit.


Thanks for the suggestion! We'll reconsider starvation mechanic at some point.

Nice progress on the game lately, however in the last update I cannot build anything any longer. Everything else is working perfectly. Platform is Linux x64. Will provide screenshots if needed. Thanks for looking into this!

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Hi, I will try to upload a new version to see if it helps. No issues on Windows or macOS, which are my own test machines.

Edit: before I investigate, is this something that happens at the very beginning of the game, or are you able to construct buildings but then suddenly mid-game you are no longer able to?

I can always build the first building that produces villagers and then when I click the hammer icon, instead of seeing available buildings I select a few or no villagers. I do hear the sound of clicking if that helps. Also I am 99% certain that the problem was not there in version

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Hey, I understand what is happening now. The bug was introduced in the latest update. Will fix and upload soon! :)

Thanks again for reporting. :D

We've made the following changes ( and uploaded to all platforms:

- While creating unit selection box all UI buttons will ignore interaction
- The above point means that when creating selection box you will no longer see any tooltips when dragging over UI elements either
- Hotkeys are ignored while making unit selection box
- Fixed  upgraded Javelinman animations loop bugs


Sorry for posting again, didn't had my coffee yet :)
It is fixed now, thanks a lot!


I love this game so much! My friend and I live in different states and when we want to catch up we usually play games together, and this is our go-to. It's really fun and a chill but competitive game :)


I have been playing this game for over a year (nearing two; one of my favorite games). I figured I would give some feedback/suggestions.


Chariot - 45 wood, 5 clay, 30 food - Workshop (Creation Center) - High Speed (10 - 15), low damage (2-4), low defense (1 - 4)

Elder - 4 wood, 25 food - Palace - Low Speed , Medium Damage [carries a stick], Low defense (more on them later). Will not be attacked by enemy units, do not count towards society survival.


Rotatable Buildings

Switchable Building [Variants]

Change Furnace name to Metalworks/Metal Workshop

Capturing Enemy Town Centers (rather than destroying them; more on this later)

Game modes:

Conquest - map that is 4x the normal size, has four enemy holds, enemy "factions" upgrade their units (metal equipment) and expand their territory, capture all holds to win


Savable Sessions (Single player; I often like to look at all of my work that I done in a session or see what tactics I used)

Capturing Enemy Holds - Destroy all buildings [excluding/including the Town Center; more on this later]

Intermediate Difficulty for the Alpha Mission - Beginner to Experienced makes a bit too much of a jump (it is always a gamble whether I will make a huge victory or flop right at the start). Putting in an Intermediate Difficulty (between Beginner and Experienced) might make the game feel a little less too difficult for new players.

Destroy all enemy buildings to win rather than just destroying their Town Center. I usually like to make a massive army and then raid my enemies hold. I feel a small bit disappointed that I cannot see the full battle go on.

Connecting [some] Ideas Together:

As I have said Conquest would allow us to capture holds; one way of doing this would be sending our Elders to their Town Center or Palace; where negotiations can be reached (conflict/war will still happen [like normally], however).

The negotiation feature would allow us to use their Town Center as a backup to our own (if we are invaded) once we have captured their hold. This is can be a double edged sword given that we do not place down our enemy's Town Center(s) therefore it could be in a very profitable spot or we can use it as a backup.

Hopefully you enjoy the ideas that I have given! I have been wanting a large scale battle/conquest mode for this game since I first played it (I know I could play Multiplayer, but I am more of a single player type of person).


Hi, thanks for commenting! It's great to read that you've become a veteran in the game. So far we've focused more on multiplayer, but we absolutely plan to implement more single player content for those who prefer to play RTS at their own pace. Thanks for all the suggestions!

Can this get ported over to the PSVita ? It doesn't have any RTS games and being the only RTS game on the handheld would bring some attention to the project.


Hi, sorry but we have no plans to port this over to PSVita at this point. Will focus on PC until we're further in development.

Nice looking game. Out of curiosity, are you using Unity DOTS or no?

Hi, it's not using DOTS.

Can you add custom scenarios?

Do mean user-generated or that we add more scenarios?

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User-generated: )

One day :)

Hey i would like to see Watchtower Buffs imo. Played a Game against a friend and my archers got sniped down from his Archers kinda fast. I would like a Defense Buff or untargability when they units mount a Tower. Have u Thouht about that? Thx in advance!

Hi! Garrisoned units do get an armor buff now, but we'll add looking into this to our backlog.

(2 edits) - Villagers do not return to gathering after dropping off resources. I don't think this is supposed to be intentional but it's an experience ruining bug if it isn't.


Hey, thanks for reporting! I am uploading a fix for this right now. It was introduced in and slipped our testing. Should be ready to download very soon. :)


I do like this RTS game and i would like to see in-game like rare iron or steel in this game and maybe add some bots to play with computers as a 4 players game, but I hope to see this game with more stuffs like bots or more buildings too. 

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We're definitely going to work on bots, boats, more game modes, buildings etc.!
Iron and steel are outside of the scope though. :)


It is a very good game. I am suprised that this game is free. It is kinda hard to close it so I always gotta use "Alt" + "F4" so it closes. It is kinda sad that I didn't find multiplayer lobbies. I would really want to play online. But really great game. 8.5/10 Stars

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Thanks for the feedback! 

You aren't able to use the exit game buttons?

We aren't marketing the game yet, so people are only finding it organically. You can join our Discord and give yourself the role of looking for a game, there is a sunday hangout and play channel, and the community is holding a casual tournament (Crescent Cup) on 19th of December, so hopefully you can find someone to play.

The reason the game is still free, although we have already spent a considerable amount of effort in polishing the base game, is that it currently includes a demo mission and functional multiplayer. We'd like to include more single player content before we consider charging for it.

Oh, ok! And the exit button works now. I think it is a first time problem. I really like the game as I said before. But maybe you could add the possibilty for a "rank" in between beginner and experienced because beginner is too easy and experienced is already pretty hard. Hope you are having fun finishing the game!

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Adding a new rank to our backlog.


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When I run the game it loads and then says error cannot locate this file.  What can I do? I am using a mac.

Hi, did you try this?

For macOs users, after you open the .dmg file, a folder with the executable should open. Make sure you drag the executable to another location, eg. desktop, before opening it.

Wow! What a great game ! Great jobs ! (But can i save the progress ? )

Thanks for the feedback! We haven't added save/load yet. It's on our road map though. :)

Then good luck ! this game is greally good though ! 


Super nice game! The food mechanics are really interesting and i love the art style. Even managed to convince some friends who aren't really into RTS's to give this game a shot, that's saying something! Great job devs! :)

p.s. are there any plans to add the ability to queue actions for units, and an option to reconnect to a multiplayer game if there's a networking issue?

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Thanks for the feedback! Any player we can help give RTS a chance is a great win for us. :)

Yes, waypoints are not included in the next update, which will address other areas of the game, but the update after that will focus on wayposts/queueing actions for units.

The reconnect to multiplayer game we're not entirely sure about yet!

Thanks for the reply!

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I found a weird bug: i cant select more than 33 units at once.

Edit: Found some more:

- walls only visibly connect to one other wall, so crossings look weird

- towers only visibly connect to 3 walls (if i saw it correctly)

- production of new villagers slows down after ~150-200 inhabitants

The 33 max is intentional for now, but will change in an upcoming patch. :)

Thanks for reporting the bugs. Will look into them!


I am loving the game! The starvation mechanic really adds a nice balancing act to the game.

Thanks for the feedback :)

Great Game, I like it!

Thanks for the feedback!

Loving the game - having a serious issue however with my villagers getting stuck returning resources back to the Village Centre.  Some villagers will drop off resources and return to work however, I would say at least 50% of my workforce gets stuck.

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Hey! I've never seen or heard about this issue before, but will definitely look into it. What OS system are you playing on and are you able to see the version number in main menu below game title? Thanks! :)

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I am running Windows 10 - and the version number I am playing is

I also noticed that the food resource gathering (bushes and farms) are the most affected by this.

That is an old version. The newest is Try to download it and see if the problem disappears. :)

Updating to version did resolve this issue for me. Thanks for the help! 


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I think it would be funny if you added a little easter egg of the original cheat codes from AOE. Bigdaddy or photonman. 

Game is awesome, nice job guys. 

Haha! That would be neat. Thanks for the feedback. :)

Wow! Awesome progress on the game so far! I really love the feel and gameplay of it. Indeed old AoE vibes!

Some comments:
- Would it be possible to have walls connect between three or even four points? I extended my original wall with a protruding one (like a T-cross), but it didn't connect so it looked weird

- Would it be possible to destroy the clay pit after it has gone dry? Or is the idea that all the clay has been removed so that the spot is unusable to build on, even for other buildings?

- I'm sure you already have this in your mind, but some more settings possibility to the "Alpha Mission" would be nice, so that it's more of a skirmish play! (E.g. choose number of enemies, amount of resources on the map, etc)

- Is naval warfare part of your future plans? That would be awesome!

- It seemed to me that people inside of the walls could still get hit by archers on the other side. I mostly noticed this when I had villagers repairing the wall while I had enemies outside. Is this intentional?

Anyway, all in all, a great experience! I'm looking forward to updates to the game!

Thanks for the feedback!
1. Not sure if it will make it to the next patch, but yes, we will work on connecting walls between more points at some stage.
2. The idea is that it will be unusable so you need to think through where to put it.
3. Yes, this will come. Single player will start getting more focus after the next few patches. :)
4. Yes, naval warfare is part of our roadmap. 
5. That is intentional for now. We haven't found a way of preventing this yet without affecting performance too much. Line of sight algorithms can be fairly expensive, especially when there are big battles with lots of units. If you have any ideas let us know!

Thanks for your answers!

Looking forward to the upcoming updates! :)

Great game! 

Do you intend to open-source your code (with a model like ardour or even widelands maybe)? If not will you compile for arm32/arm64?

Hi, we have no plans for any of this at the moment. We're a small team, so maintaining x64, macOS and Linux builds is enough for us at the moment. Sorry about that! :)

Whenever I run the executionable, it just says 'File not found'. I'm not sure how to fix this, please help!

Hi, are you on macOS or Linux?


Oh, okay! I've seen that happen before if user tries to open from zip file without extracting files first, or if behind VPN/firewall which prevents files from being downloaded by game launcher.

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