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great game

Hello I'm having trouble establishing a connection with the South American server.

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Hi, I was able to connect to it now. Can you send a screenshot of what happens at your end?


Interesting game so far. Keep up the good work

Appreciate the comment!

hey just to  know 

will the game always be free or will you have to buy it in the future, 

will their be a healing unit,

will make maps for the game or always randomized, because i thick it will be better to have official maps

also here something i been thinking 

if you add siege equipment; it will be more interesting if you had to manually fire the siege equipment like a ability of some sort 

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Thanks for commenting:
- We plan to add a more complete version of the game to Steam in the future.
- At this point we have decided to not add any healing units, but it's not locked in stone.
- We don't plan to make official maps at this point either, but it might change.
- There weren't any catapults in Bronze Age siege warfare.


This game has an excellent aesthetic and is endlessly fun to play. Thanks for making this, I love the bronze age. This game really captures the era's spirit and couples with the strength of a classic RTS. It feels really inspired, I hope to see more in this genre. 

It's been a lot of fun to play; however, I've been having a lot of sync errors on multiplayer (US server). Is there something I am doing wrong? I'm just curious because it looks like it's working fine for others.


Hi and thanks for the feedback! Can you confirm that you played a game with more than 2 players when this happened? It seems to happen when there are more than 2 players, and often a few minutes after a player has been defeated. We haven't been able to reproduce the error yet, but we're looking into it!

If you get a chance to test the new version (, please let me know if that solves your out of synch problem! :D


doesnt work for my mac :/ it says the file cannot be specified, when i move the file to my desktop it says its damaged. love to play this if you have any solutions


Can you try to re-download the .dmg, and before you open it, can you try to extract the file to desktop and open it from there? Make sure you give permission for macOS to open it. It's worked for other Mac users, so I hope it works for you as well.


I might have explained this badly. Try opening the .dmg file from anywhere, but when you see a new folder with a sword icon, drag that icon to the desktop before opening the sword icon file. Let me know if that works for you. :)

sorry i didn't see this sooner thank you so much! i hope i dont sound annoying since you've had to re explain so many times! you have an awesome game btw :


My last direct, play with a friend with (in spanish)

Thanks for sharing, I had a look! :)


This is the most fun game I've found so far on Can't rate it for some reason, but I give it 5 stars. Thanks for supporting Linux <3

We disabled ratings, but appreciate yours!


It's looking pretty good so far, running smoothly on my version of Linux. I'd love to see some kind of campy story mode campaign someday down the line... Invested a good 6 hours so far. 

It's great news to us that we've been able to provide you with 6 hours of fun.  Hopefully we can add to those hours in the future with more content. A single player component is something we'd really like to add down the track.


Really love this game!

Reminds me a lot of the old RTS games and also Civilization games. The micromanaging is a lot of fun once you get a hold of how to play the game. Love the pixel art.

Props to you for releasing this for free. You seem like a nice guy :) . 

Thanks, appreciate the comment. :)


awesome game,  somebody wanna play against me  or team.

congratulation! very awesome game and inspiring, I wanna make a game someday. awesome. bless

Thanks for the feedback. Hope you give game dev a shot! :)

Can not find the specified files, i am in MacOS

Make sure you extract the file before opening it:
- Delete the file and redownload
- Extract the file to another folder
- Open the game


This looks so cool! I was missing some low end RTS.  Love the pixelart and isometric style graphics! Good luck with the project!

Damn, why did I have to find this right when I am heading to bed (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ 

I, a friend have download the game for Linux, but in the zip several files are missing and the game does not start. I passed mine with all files and when comparing the downloaded I saw that these are missing:

  • The Fertile Crescent Launcher_Data: LinuxPlayer_s.debug
  • The Fertile Crescent Launcher_Data: The Fertile
  • The Fertile Crescent Launcher_Data: The Fertile Crescent_Data
  • The Fertile Crescent Launcher_Data: UnityPlayer_s.debug
  • The Fertile Crescent Launcher_Data:

I have the same problem. Downloaded the fresh zip from here (, it starts launcher/updater which quickly exits and game fails with exit code 0 but following output:

Set current directory to /home/queria/fertile_crescent
Found path: /home/queria/fertile_crescent/The Fertile Crescent Launcher.x86_64
/usr/bin/chmod: cannot access '/home/queria/fertile_crescent/The Fertile Crescent Launcher_Data/The Fertile': No such file or directory
xdg-open: unexpected option '--args'
Try 'xdg-open --help' for more information.

No such file is inside the zip, neither any of the ones mentioned in post above from Son Link.


Hey! I don't use Linux myself, but we have a ton of Linux users playing the game without issues, so I've asked around to see if anyone knows how to solve this. Will get back to you!

Yes, i canno't have this issue never, maybe the files has included on previous versions and not in the lasted

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Someone on our Discord channel had the same problem and managed to resolve it for him or her.

The files missing are part of the auto-update. That person's theory is that if you're behind a firewall or VPN, the connection to Google can get denied denied (the game files are located on Google Drive). So the proper files don't get downloaded, and thus the game crashes.

When that person is on VPN the fresh download crashes, but it works fine when the person disconnects his or her VPN.


Confirm, my friend use a Firewall, just turn off and works

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It could be that, i was on vacation and there was quite terrible connectivity. (no vpn used there)

But now i've retried again at home, and it does the same. Although this time i do have vpn active for work, but i would say correctly configured for only specific ips/dns to go through vpn, regular traffic/dns goes to my local router.

Just few empty .tmp files appears in _Data folder, but that's all.

-> % ll fertile_crescent/The\ Fertile\ Crescent\ Launcher_Data total 3.1M
drwx------. 2 queria queria 4.0K Jun 17 00:19 Resources
drwx------. 2 queria queria 4.0K Jun 17 00:20 loc
-rw-rw-r--. 1 queria queria    0 Aug  5 13:28 4ed73eac-c9ed-4a86-a0c5-7b69c7cc3528.tmp
-rw-rw-r--. 1 queria queria   38 Jun 17 00:19
-rw-rw-r--. 1 queria queria    0 Aug  4 16:27 b80647d2-82b2-4132-b5c5-d08c581e8bdf.tmp
-rw-rw-r--. 1 queria queria  123 Jun 17 00:19 boot.config
-rw-rw-r--. 1 queria queria  45K Jun 17 00:19 globalgamemanagers


How can i gather more info?

Is there a log file somewhere, some status files, or some url for me to test fetching (e.g. with curl or such)?

Btw i've just tested it on my desktop machine, where i had the game already from previous versions working, seems updating there works (it did some fetching&patching).

So seems as some bad state on the laptop? How exactly is vpn known to cause the issue?

Whenever I try to open on MacOS, it says that the "cannot find specified files" Any way to fix this?


Drag the .mdg file to another location.


That seems to work. Thanks bunch I'm really excited to start playing.


Cool game

hi,  how to achieve the pathfinding ? thanks.

You mean how we implemented the pathfinding? We started with A* and have tweaked it to our needs. :)

Thanks again!


Hello everyone!

This game just keeps getting better and better! I have recorded a new video on this amazing game! Had a lot of fun with the game which is getting more amazing with each update. Having a self updater is awesome. I been playing this game for a while and I remember how bad I used to be at it. Now at least I am not starving my population all the time lol. Great graphics looking forward to see future updates. 

Keep being awesome indie devs! 


Thanks for sharing your video! :)

No worries thank you for making such a cool game.

also i can do pixel art and  canda voice act if you need help

We aren't looking for additional team members but appreciate the offer! :)

hey i just wondering for interest, will there be tournaments when the game comes out 

That would be cool! We will see what we can do.




please make a skirmish feature and autosave feature :)

One day ;)


please make more update its so fun

There will be more updates :)

The last version finally is working on Linux (in my case, Arch Linux)


Great! :D

Deleted 38 days ago

Can you try to download it again? I changed the configuration file to open The Fertile instead now. Thanks!

Deleted 38 days ago

Great! Finally. :)

With the last two updates on Linux my experience is not that great:

- there is no music/FX in the game any longer

- when the map loads, menus cannot be opened, bottom right UI elements are not responsive

- villagers can be selected but there are no actions available for them

Also it would be nice if you put a link to the game executable in the main directory, not just the updater, so I can launch the game like before and not going to the data directory and executing it from there.

Feel free to reach out if you need me to provide logs/screenshots/videos.

Are you on Ubuntu?

I'm not sure if this is related to the self-patcher not working as it should. We haven't really made any major changes to the game besides that. 

The missing music and SFX is interesting though. The sound system probably crashes and anything you do in the game causes problems because of that, since most UI elements play sound when you interact with them. Will try to figure out why this happens.

When the updater works as intended, you're supposed to use that as an executable every time you open the game so you always have the newest version. :)

I am not using Ubuntu, my distro of choice is Void Linux, it is very different from Ubuntu but the game was running fine prior version 0.6.0.X.

Tried with the latest version - the same bugs are still present. I do have a log of the crash, please take a look.

Thanks. The same errors happen for Ubuntu users. We're fairly confident at this point that the problem is with the sound system we use (FMOD). I hope it's an easy fix.

We'll launch a new version of the Linux updater that automatically sets the necessary requirements today so that patching the game should be easy.

FMOD, the music system we're using, has a bug with the version of Unity we're using for Linux, and they have fixed it in their newest version. We're going to upgrade the the newest FMOD version tomorrow and will upload a new Linux build then.


So good to be back! Thanks a lot!!!

If you find the time, please let us know if works better for you. It doesn't include the patcher system.


Nicely done w/self updater, kudos & much appreciate


Totally agree, much needed!
Looking forward to some real new content now that these quality of updates are out

There's still some rough edges that we will work on polishing moving forward, but overall the game is fairly stable and works well for most users, so we are thinking about new content updates.

Deleted post

When I was playing, suddenly I couldn't assign new tasks to villagers/army. They just stayed in the same place. This forced me to restart the game and lose my progress.
Despite that, I played it for 3 hours straight and can't wait to see the next updates. Good game!


Thanks for your feedback! It sounds like some code crashed. I'll go through crash logs and if you opted in for analytics I should be able to see what the problem was.


Hello everyone! 

Hope everyone is doing well. I had to pick up and try the game again with the new update and I enjoyed it a lot. Great voice acting and voice over of the tutorial. Really enjoyed the sounds that have been added and also smaller changes to the tutorial. I feel that the speed of research was a bit faster. Thank you for asking your community on how to guide the games development and road map. 

I am super excited to see future updates.

Thank you for your hard work devs.



Hi, a friend and i have testing the Multiplayer and works very fine. I upload the game to mi YouTube Channel.

Thanks for sharing, I'm happy the multiplayer worked well for you!


can you update the game again because mac catalina dosent work

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Try this guide:

1. Control + mouse click The Fertile Crescent 0.5.4 execute and pick Show Package Contents.
2. Open Contents and control + mouse click MacOS folder and pick New Terminal at Folder (bottom of list).
3. Type "chmod +x The\ Fertile\ Crescent (if executable is on desktop, or else you need the full path)
4. Close terminal and Control + mouse click executable icon again, and pick Open.
5. When asked about being an unidentified developer, click Open.
6. From now on you can double-click the executable icon whenever you want to play.


Glad you guys had fun and tried the game in multiplayer I have yet to try the multiplayer option.


Can't wait to try it on my linux and to see updates ! Key mapping would be awesome. Great job so far.


We'll add key mapping at some point. It's a popular request! :)


Hello everyone! Hope everyone is OK and keeping safe. Decided to release a new video on show casing the new tutorial thats been released as part of this massive update. I am very happy I did as I learned a few things and hopefully in my next video I wont be so scared to play just in sandbox. 

Thanks to the community here on discord for supporting the game huge progress and cant wait to see more .

See you at the next one! 


Thanks for sharing! It looks like the tutorial for the most part functions as intended, but after seeing the video there are a few areas that we want to improve. :)


Thank you also for making an awesome game. I am having fun showcasing it. I will keep checking and any new updates featuring more content I can share I will create a video on it. Keep up the great work.


I love the game.  I like where it keeps to the AoE formula and I like where it diverges. Really great job.

I hope we will see the defining aspect of mesopotamian agriculture represented some day: arigation!

Glad you enjoy it! We're thinking about how to include irrigation. Stay tuned!


welp, turns out i botched the spelling of that word hard. keep up the good work!


I am looking forward to new updates as well and to see what additions the game will have into the future. I love the game also and its great to see the amazing the support the game is having here.


A realy greate game! Congrats!

Thanks, glad you enjoy it!


This game is absolutely amazing! As a history teacher I might use this in class once things go back to normal-ish.

That's cool. :)

The game's civilisations will be inspired by some of the major powers of the Middle and Late Bronze Ages. The one you play now is based on Old/Kassite Babylonia.

Wow that would be interesting to know how kids would react. let us know :) thank you for being an awesome history teacher :)

I will do that!


This game looks pretty fun but whenever I try to forage it won't let me. I'm most likely doing something wrong but just in case.

Hey! We're adding a tutorial in the next version, so maybe that will help you. It might be that you're not used to the controls in traditional RTS games. Make sure one or more villagers are selected (left mouse button) and then right-click on the fruit tree to forage.


First time i tried the game my videos of showcasing the game was just me loosing it as people were starving lol. So you are not the only one having difficulties with it. Its a challenging but fun game.

Dude, awesome game! Love the watch towers and how you can shoot the people off them. 

Little thing I would add would be holding shift to build multiple buildings at once. 

music is cool, but gets repetitive. Also need more sound effects. 

I'll be watching this one : ) keep it up 


Thanks for sharing your feedback!

We have queueing commands with shift in the backlog, so it will be added at some point. :)

We're also currently working on attack sound effects, and will add more sound effects in general soon.


We found a bug with the music that makes it play a small segment of it on repeat. Hopefully that's why you think the music gets repetitive. It's supposed to vary and randomise to a certain degree.


ah okay, that may have been it. I'll have another go again sometime soon

The towers are a new addition and i was very happy to see them look forward to palisades as well that would be cool too. You can probably build multiple buildings by selecting different workers onto different building tasks? Than again im silly so maybe not?


Great game. Beaty pixelart grafics, great music. Great job, your have a new fan of the game

Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it!

Yay is great to see new people interacting with the game and trying it out :) 


hey guys i have been a fan for a long time. so keep up the work

here are some of my ideas for the game

1. different Faction: their are not a big variety in the game so more Faction can be better with their own perk. like maybe  a Blue faction that have +25% Farming speed and a Red Faction  with + 30% Damage on Unit's and a Yellow Faction with +20% Build speed for example

2. it takes way too long to kill units. maybe lower health/ increase Damage 

3. it way too easy to get technology points 

thank you very much, i am also working on a game

(1 edit)

Thanks for posting!

We are planning to add different civilizations. :)

What game are you working on?


no just a Little Fan Horror game for game jacksepticeye it my firts game realy

thank you

Good luck on your game!

i got a bug on the game 

i put down two building next to each other but a worker was in between them when i place them down too be build and got stuck.

then all the units stop moving and non of my command's work on the units and buildings


Hi, thanks for reporting! Was this v0.5.6? I've tried to cause the same bug but I'm not able to replicate it.


I just want to add that point 2., the kill time, is a bad take. In a game where your military takes up food, having them be cheap and expendable goes against the core design.


We're not going to shorten the time it takes to kill units. If anything, we would go the other direction. :)

i am terribly sorry but i will have to agree with Battleschnodder but i understand if thats not what your going with for on this game if i may pls i will like to know your plans for this game.

 thank you i meant no harm

I meant that I agree with Battleschnooder in that units shouldn't feel too expandable, and if they are more easy to kill then they might feel more expandable.

Please don't be sorry for expressing your opinion, because it's the best way for us to get feedback and improve the game!

We plan to work on the game until it's "finished", and there is a lot to do before we reach that stage. We want it to be a proper commercial game with features you expect, like different factions, single player content etc.


All valid points also formation to units would be cool so that units move together in one direction ? More technology or different branches like social military and economic? also would be cool ?

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