A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The Fertile Crescent is a Real Time Strategy game set during the Bronze Age in the Ancient Near East.

Inspired by the rise and fall of Bronze Age civilisations, you must manage the delicate balance between food surplus and the maintenance of your army.

Single player

Protect your people against and eventually defeat an enemy tribe on an auto-generated map.

Online multiplayer

Challenge your friends in 1 on 1, team games and free for all (up to 4 players).

Cross-platform play between Windows, Linux and macOS users is supported.

Connect to a regional server: Australia, EU, South Korea or US.

Need someone to play with? Join our friendly community:

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About the development

This is a passion-project that has been in development for 30+ months. We love RTS games and wish more developers made them.

The Fertile Crescent is currently in alpha, but the available build is fully playable and relatively bug free.

We are currently developing the game in our spare time, but we try to release a substantial update every 1 or 2 months.

Feedback wanted

Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Connect with us

Official Discord

Install instructions

Unzip and run the executable.


The Fertile Crescent 0.5.2C Linux.zip 44 MB
The Fertile Crescent 0.5.2C Windows.zip 43 MB
The Fertile Crescent 0_5_2C macOS.app.zip 45 MB

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I LOOOOOOOVE this game! Can't wait for more updates.

I would love to be able to zoom in and out and maybe have a technology that increases the speed the villagers walk?

Also, my friend and I would like to take on a computer player together in a co-op type scenario.

Thanks for making this game!

Thanks for posting! We consider all feedback we receive. :)

The game does not work with MS Windows Millennium Edition and Debian 8 32 bit. I can not play this game.

The game is currently only playable on 64-bit Windows.

Would love to play it, sadly i cant. i have 32 bit windows.

Hope the support for it will be soon added

Will consider this for the next update.

Doesnt work on mac? 

It should work on Mac if you download the correct file. Can you explain what happens if it doesn't work on yours?

"unable to open"

What is your macOS version?


That is the newest and we exported the build for it, so that is odd. We’ve had 100s of Mac users download without issues. Are you able to unzip the file at all before you try to open it?

What about adding an a small chance for enemies to drop equipment on death? Then villagers can equip that loot and be instantly upgraded to light spearmen or something, I don't know if it would cause problems with balancing but I feel like it would be cool :P

Thanks for posting your idea! :)


Great game so far, but I would love it if I could use get an option to use wasd. Seriously it's actually annoying to use the arrow keys with shortcuts on the keyboard. Can't wait to see what else would come.

Thanks for commenting. Unfortunately, it's challenging to not to use WASD for hotkeys for other aspects of the game. We are thinking about how to solve this. In the meantime, you can also move the mouse to outer edges of the screen, or use the middle mouse button, to move the screen as well.

So, I really do love your game, and am impressed by how well everything feels balance-wise. I played my first fifteen minutes, and the result is what you see below:

Thank you for making this fun game!

(P.S., the video will go live at 12pm PST, thanks for your patience with an amateur like me!)

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Thanks a lot for posting! It's very useful for us to watch videos like this, to see how first-time players play the game. Quite a lot of changes we've made has been because of these kind of videos. :)


I am glad to hear that. I am happy to be of help, I love playing games like this and seeing what's on the horizon of Indi gaming. Thank you for putting your work out there and letting me play it!

Hi, amazing potential for your game! Even in the alpha stage does the game have pretty good feel to the original AoE. However, I have quite a few suggestions that would be useful to the players of this game:

  • Food consumption: For this, instead of showing the gross number of food being consumed, show the net difference between the amount of food produced and consumed - this will allow the user to gague how important their food stocks should be managed. 
  • Attack move: For ranged units like slingers and archers, it would be effective if A-moving them would attack enemy units from maximum range. I'm not exactly sure if this was implemented, but I've seen archers walk right towards watchtowers etc. to attack them.
  • Allow construction of more than one settlement: Or at least give the option to produce workers from dwellings. In an expanding city, one of the major rate-limiting factors would be the fairly low rate of worker production, and that they need to be produced at one localized point. 

Content Suggestions:

  • Orchards and Animal farms: Orchards can grow food, but can also be cut down for extra wood.
  • Animal farms: Farms can be used to raise animals for either:
    • Slaughtering for food.
    • Creation of wagons with wheel upgrade for faster/better transport of materials of villagers.
    • Riding for the more elite chariots and horsemen.
  • Temple: Increases productivity and dps of all citizens. 
  • Foresters: Replanting trees after cutting them down would allow a more renewable source of wood.

Thanks for your comment and all your suggestions:
- The net difference is hard to calculate because of walking distances etc., but we'll at least try to show the number of villagers harvesting food.
- The attack move suggestion sounds like a bug that we need to investigate.
Other than that, we consider all ideas we receive!

Hi. There's a bug regarding the watchtowers. Any ranged unit, including villagers, can shoot the enemy settlement from across the map, completely ignoring the tower range, even if there isn't any allied unit near it (it can be 'fogged' and they will shoot it anyway)
However, great game, i've really enjoyed it. Thanks

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Can't reproduce this issue. The game runs perfectly.  Someone seriously needs to learn how to play... git gud son.

Have you played the latest version of the game? It works fine for me... As a game developer myself I can confirm that there is no bug as the one described aboved. Please go to The Fertile Crescent Folder and open a sword icon, named The Fertile Crescent.exe

Thanks, batonpass. I re downloaded the latest version (0.5.2C) just in case and it still occurs.
I recorded a short video:


I just tested the same thing and got the same results.  Watchtower rush == gg


This is a confirmed bug and we will fix it for the next version.


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Its just and alpha but I liked the one game that I played, looks nice but too soon to say more, Ive been playing aoe2de so I found it easy


I've played about 6 hours in the last day. How do i send you money because I'm addicted

If we ever commercialise the game you can support us by buying it! ;)


(sorry in advance for my bad english)

Really promising game !
I'm searching for games like this, I don't find many...

The design, the gameplay, I find it very simple and very good !

Of course for now, there are not many different units. But still, it is really pleasant to play !

Is it possible to have a rough counter that tells, approximately, how much food we are getting per unit of time ? just to have an idea. Or an exact counter that considers the distance the villagers are from a granary :P

I'm asking, because I felt a little lost at first, and I still don't know exactly how much food a farm gives over time, and I have problems comparing that to the usage of food.

But, well, it's not totally needed, it can be learned over time I guess, if it is what you intend to do !

It is a VERY good game for now. I hope seeing it evolve :)

Hey, we're happy to hear you enjoy the game!

I'm pretty sure every unit in the game consumes 1 food per 10 seconds at the moment.

Thanks for your suggestions. We're adding all suggestions in a backlog to consider, and we'll at least consider adding a tooltip that tells you how much food all your villagers versus your army are consuming. We might also look into how we can better show what the difference food production ratios actually means.

Thanks again!


Love this game. So nice. Had a true pleasure playing. Thank you. I'm an experienced fan of RTS, loved AoE1&2 in my teenage years. Thing I really miss is hotkey for quick selection of a free villager. 

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Glad to read you like it!

Quick selection for free villagers is 'I'.


Just started this game. It's hard at the beginning but got the hang of it. My main problem was starvation hahaha. Though, I like a good challenge. Love the style, this game is amazing!


could you add the option to organise the soldiers into groups? likefor example. when I press ctrl+1 with the soldiers selected, I could select the same soldiers again just by pressing 1.

there's a limited number of soldiers that can be selected at once and it's a little clunky moving them around when there's a lot of them.

Hi, you can do this now! Also, if you hold SHIFT + NUM you can add units to existing control groups.


ah, I only tried it on numpad, thanks


Adding numpads to backlog. Thanks again for commenting.

it will be better, yeah i agree with you


Played around with it for a bit. My people starved. Gonna try it some more. It's great!

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Hy, the simple and straightforward pixel art graphics are really good, old school and smooth, like the 1990's. And the gameplay is promising.

Will you add walkable walls that infantry can't destroy ? This feature is missing in most games. Some of them that include it are awesome, like Stronghold or Civilizations ar War. I thought trying to make a prototype once, but never got time for.

It will require to implement pathfinding solutions and tweak ai targeting and taking decisions. Some work !

This would be a great addition ! Please, consider.

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Hi Nabu, thanks for your comments.

We've thought about walls that units can walk on. There are some issues with this that we haven't overcome yet, that is mostly due to the fact that you can't rotate the camera. So at this point we'll have to say 'probably not', but we still want to do some experimentation and see what we can come up with.

Maybe have walls as discrete but chainable buildings? so each wall section would be like a long watchtower which you can garrison with units and they only guard that one section. If you want to extend the wall you add another section but you have to garrison the second wall separately


any idea when 4 player comes or 3 at that? I think the game is amazing and I'd just love to play with more of my friends


Apologising for the slow response! We've received several requests for team games lately, so this is a feature that we're currently prioritising. At the same time, we've been busy with other things last week and this week, but we'll continue development as soon as we can! :)


Awesome job guys!


This game is amazing! I've gotten my friends to download it and we're having a blast! The gameplay reminds me very much of Starcraft, but new units are attained only through research instead of buildings, which they worked into the game very well. It's important to read the how to play, which is shorter than it looks, but other than that everything is very fluid and easy to understand. 10/10, I can't wait to see what comes of it!

hey,my windows is 32-bit and i can't play this game,please make version for 32-bits windows

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Hello guys ! Great concept I'm glad you made it. Just wanted to leave a comment i have trouble with the game as my resolution disrupts things 1440x900 but nvm you'll fix that anyways ! The thing i wanted to say is if you are open to ideas.

 Try to make it evolutionary as it would be greater (example aoe2 you start hunting then go to farming and stuff) i'd like to see that. The protoneolitich start then develompent into full neolitic then bronze. Imo that would make the game much more immersive. I am an archeology student so yeah that's why.... hahahaha.

 Great game can't wait to see it evolve !

(1 edit) (+2)

Thanks for all your comments! Glad you like the game.

Yes, the resolution is not working below 1920x1080 atm. Will try to address in the next build.

The game is designed to be less evolutionary than Age of Empires, where the goal is more to rush through the ages to get the best units and technologies. I love Age of Empires, and when we started working on the first prototypes of The Fertile Crescent in 2017, this game actually did start in the Palaeolithic age and progressed through ages, similarly to in Age of Empires. However, we're not trying to recreate Age of Empires, and we quickly discovered that the progression through ages didn't fit the type of gameplay were trying to design. So we scrapped it.

The Fertile Crescent takes place in roughly 3500BC-1150BC, when farming was already common. However, you'll find that foraging is always more efficient early game, especially since farms cost resources and time to construct. We give you the option to make farms right of the bat, but it might not be the best option.

There will be more stuff to do than now though! So far, we've only implemented typical early to mid game content  of a multiplayer session (and we still lack hunting, fishing etc.), but there's more late-game buildings, technologies and units planned and upcoming. :)

ohh cool cool then, will there be specific cultures/units ? as the Sumerians, Akadians etc. ?

Yes, there will be specific civilisations. Will announce which ones later. 

Hello While showing the game to my friend today we both realized i few things that could be added at some point.

1. range that units can see since it hard to give accurate guess

2. more techs surrounding the bronze age if possible

3. with the building menu I feel it would be best to split them into  resource gathering/tribal buildings and militarily buildings or color code the backs of the icons bit so it easier to tell what the building is at the moment in the menu they all look the same or really similar

Great feedback!

1. We'll have a think about how we can do this.

2. We'll definitely do this as we expand the game and add more content.

3. We'll also have a think about this. At least, at some point we're going to re-make all the building icons.

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The game is a nice indie remake of aoe2, but please, in next update, put possibilty to choose resolution or atleast make game looking a bit more closer.

Hi and thank you! We'll have to look into resolution scaling for the next build, since it doesn't seem to work properly (unless your screen is 1920x1080).

My screen is 1366x768, but thanks! 

hello guys you have great game on hands and i had fun playing at game on one thing i did notice while playing with sound was when i went into settings  and turned down the volume of the sound effects the sound did not change to reflect it. I have also noted that I feel like overall the sounds in general are bit to loud even when turned down.

Thanks for the comment! We've added the issue to the backlog and will check it out.

Really liked it!

Glad to hear!

A great game, i envy your ability to do 2d with unity! c# still intimidates me so i keep using gml


Thanks for the comment! There was a time when I used GML and was intimidated by C# as well. :)

how'd you overcome the barrier? college?

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Hi, dear dev, could you add a lan function? cause those pulicservers have too high ping to me and my friend, and we were used to use Lan. If it's not difficult, may you did it?

We might consider adding multiplayer through LAN in the future, but it's not a priority right now.

What server are you playing on and what's your ping? Maybe we can add a server that's closer to you.

All three servers have at least 200ms+, and sometimes went up to 600ms+, it's unstable. 

I'm in China and as someone know this country has a bad network connection to international network for most civilians, like blocked, unstable, etc. So a LAN would be best to me and my friend....

Anyway thanks I knew it's a need for only a few people so I totally understand your choice. 

Have a good day! :D

Deleted 177 days ago

Adding KR (South Korea) servers today. Let me know if that works better for you. Should be a lot closer.

90% 290ms~380ms, 10% 400ms+, in created game hall, two minutes.

Tested again, AU at least 340ms, EU at least 300ms, US at least 700ms, KR at least 280ms, in server selection page, all are unstable.

Thanks a lot for testing! I'm sorry that the KR server didn't help that much.  

It might be possible to add a mainland China server, but it requires special permissions, so we'll have to investigate this further before we know for sure. 

Thanks for your patience.


This game is so good! I am sure in future, this will be a very popular game.

Me and my friends play it very often. It would be cool for more players in one game! 

Thanks for the comment! We're happy that you enjoy the game and play it very often, even though a lot of content is still missing! We'll start implementing team games in the not too distant future ... :)

We really appreciate your game hahaha

Let us know if you need anything, we'll try our best to help!

Are you on Discord? I could need some help testing new multiplayer versions if you're interested.

Please make it downloadable on mac too


We'll try to export a macOS version when we finish the next build.

Successfully made a macOS build, so will definitely upload a macOS version when the next update is (soon) released.

why does it says it can't run on my pc 

What is the error message? Maybe you can send a screenshot?

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nice little strategy game! very nice age of empires style!
also i love the graphic style!
+1 for native linux version


Feedback: please put the game files in a folder inside the zip file and not directly in the root of the zip file.

Thanks for your comments!
Will do that in the next build. :)

I like it! Just finished a v0.4.8C Beginner game in Arch -- first 3-4 games I starved almost immediately. This last one, once I got going, went well. :)

The auto-population growth definitely make it different from ~AoE games. End up trying to race Military units creation before the civilians take up the additional population cap. :)

One annoyance I do not miss from those games is having to re-seed farms.

Would like to see more upgrades for the various buildings/units, and larger tech tree, with pre-reqs. I'm sure you already have all this on your list.

Great little game so far, can't wait to see what it becomes. Thanks for adding Linux support early-on.


Thanks for the comment!

You can actually pause villager production if you need to by selecting  the Tribe Center and clicking on the stop villager production button. Just remember to click resume when you're ready for more villagers!

Will definitely add more techs, buildings and units over time.

Hah yeah the villager spawning tripped me up a little, perhaps it needs just a few bits of introductory text to mention stuff like that?

Can't wait to see what other buildings and tech you add in!

(1 edit)

Yes, it definitely needs an introduction in the game! At the moment, the game mostly caters to experienced RTS players who are okay with trying and failing a few times before getting a grip with the game mechanics. It does need a good tutorial to reach a wider audience. If anyone feels sad for starving quickly on their first tries, it happens to more or less everyone ... :)

is there a way to change resolution?  or make it windowed

No, not at the moment,

try presing Alt+enter, and then go to target bare, ress on it and go to the end of it, press space then type "-windowed", close it and run the game.

I was playing for a while and suddenly it just got stuck... Animations still played and I could still select units & buildings and move the map around, but units stoped moving and responding to instructions.

I really can't wait for some new content for this - boats maybe...?

Sounds like a rare crash. Was this in SP or MP?

We have lots of content planned. Boats are further down the road map than some of the other content we have planned, but we will add them eventually. :)

It was in singleplayer :)

....i have an invisible bowman.

Hi, download the latest version (0.4.8C) where this was fixed.


i might just be really stupid but the games does not display fully on my screen. a lot of it is outside of my monitor. :(

that's happening with me too :(

Hi, can you please send me a screenshot? We're not 100% sure what the issue is yet and would glad try to fix it quickly so the game is playable for you.

(1 edit)

Thanks! We have been able to figure out what it is. Try this build and let us know if that works better for you:

It's just the hot fix for UI scaling. Everything else is the same so you can play mp etc. as before.

This build is Windows. Let me know if you need for Linux.

Gonna do some tests and if it's all good we'll replace the last build on itch.io with this one.

this fixed it. Thank you so much :)

(1 edit) (-1)

Why Windows and Linux, but NO Mac?! xc

Just haven't gotten there yet! There has been several requests for Linux, but not for Mac. :) We actually acquired a Mac for other purposes recently so we might try to test a build soon.

Hey! We tried a Mac build and it works pretty well, but need to fix one important issue before we can upload. Won't add Mac support for 0.4.9, but will try to get a build out for Mac in the build after.

awesome! It's actually funny, I study game design myself, and I'm the only one in my class with a Mac, so I should know how rare those are in the gaming industry. It's really nice to see some actual developers taking us Mac users in account for once though! top job, and I'm looking forward to the possibility of Fertile Crescent on Mac

The game is available for Mac now! Check out the download link next to the Windows and Linux ones. :)


WOW - I hope it is possible to make new Civilizations using mods, or customize the UI language to Russia. <3 from Russia

you mean Russian right?

Hi! We haven't added functionality for localisation yet, but we have had numerous requests for translating to various languages, so this is something we will have to look into at some point. The game is currently not designed to be modifiable, but we love RTS games with many factions, so more than 1 faction is definitely in the pipeline.  

I just found another glitch where if you place a clay pit on a specific tile on fertile land, you can no longer put anything else on fertile land (including anything farming-related). I’ve only tested this on the Beginner difficulty, so I may need to test this out more.

Hi, thanks for commenting. Will check out! Let us know if you figure out more.

I also noticed this same bug on the Sandbox, Experienced, and Expert difficulties as well, with the Sandbox difficulty having it occur on a different set of tiles, but in a similar location.

I haven't been able to reproduce this but we have a new build upcoming that has a lot of bug fixes so hopefully it's not a problem anymore.

And thank you for letting us know! Will do some extra testing to make sure it's fixed.

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