A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

The Fertile Crescent is a Real Time Strategy game set during the Bronze Age in the Ancient Near East.


- Core Real Time Strategy mechanics like training villagers and warriors, constructing buildings, harvesting resources, researching technologies, basic pathfinding, ranged units etc. 
- Make sure you have enough food to sustain your population.
- Defeat an enemy tribe on an auto-generated map.
- Four difficulty levels.
- Simple How to Play pages to get you started.

Online Multiplayer

The Fertile Crescent now supports online multiplayer. 

Challenge a friend or foe 1 on 1!

Make sure you have the same version as the one you play against or the game will go out of synch. Version control will be fixed in the next update.

Development Status

The Fertile Crescent is currently in early alpha. It is still limited in sound, music, options, AI and content. Also, some common RTS mechanics like mini map or grouping units are missing. 

The current version is fully playable and relatively bug free since we are continuously working on polish. 

Feedback Wanted

Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Connect with us or find someone to play online!

Official Discord

Published Jun 06, 2018
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Made withUnity
Tags2D, ancient, bronze-age, Pixel Art, Real time strategy
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksFacebook, Blog, Discord

Install instructions

Unzip and run the executable.


The Fertile Crescent 0.4.1B.zip 26 MB
The Fertile Crescent 0.4.1B for Linux.zip 29 MB

Development log

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this is a great game i was wondering if you plan on adding  more types of soldiers ?

or formations 

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Thanks for getting in touch!

Yes, we are planning to add more types of soldiers. For example, when we add walls and towers we will add siege units. Also, we have yet to add the most iconic and elite unit from the era. In addition, we plan to add unique units for factions, like the Egyptians using khopesh instead of sword.

When it comes to formations we are not 100% sure yet, but we will at least improve how units find a path to their destination. Right now they keep their distance to other units you command at the same time (like in Age of Empires 1), but we want them to attempt to move as a group to the same destination instead. It's a bit hard to estimate when we will have time to add this improvement.

Will you be adding factions ?


thanks for answering my qustions 


looked into your game and man is it fun. Is there anywhere where I can submit bugs/odd behaviour? Running into some issues that really suck the fun out of it and man is beginner still f**ing hard :D

Hey man, thanks for the feedback!

You can submit them here or join our Discord community and submit there.

I'm away atm, but when I get home I'll take a look. Please let us know about your issues. :)

Great! It's nothing major and maybe even a known problem but some rounds my villager just kinda refuse to go to a building or position that is vertical from theirs. I have to click so many times or move them in a zick-zack. They just walk a few steps and just stop. (But some rounds it's completely fine) 
And sometimes they just forget what their job was and just standing there packed with material. I first noticed on the field, I thought it's because foodwise I was good, so they stopped. But also the lumberjack stand beside tree doing nothing. But they weren't flag as "unemployed".
All that can be pretty annoying when you get attacked and it's getting hectic. But this game is still so fun.
Sidenote: The game is getting a bit laggy when you have a lot of villager/warriors.
Can't wait for more updates. 


Thanks! We've aware of these issues and will try to resolve them in the next update. Glad to hear the game is fun.

Another question will it ever be out for mac.

Hey! We're not sure yet. Can't promise yes or no.

I have two questions.

1. Will there soon be a easier mode than beginner I can't last long at all?

2. When will there be other types of multiplayer like 2v2 or 1v1v1 or 1v1v1v1.

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Hey, thanks for asking!

1. Yes, next update will feature easier AI and a Sandbox mode where you can mock around with the game mechanics without fearing attacks.

2. Our plan was to add team games in the next update, but we might release a smaller one first to address difficulty levels, and then add team games after that.

I'm away for several days but will start working on it when I get back. :)

I have 3 questions:

1. Please can you make a mode where there are no enemies. (Sandbox, but not with infinite everything.)

2. Can you put this game on steam? If it is, then this is irrelevant. Please try though.

3. I know you have heard this alot, but make the beginner mode easier as I can't survive for 20 mins without either starving or being ambushed by some raiders Im not prepared for.

If you do 2. then it will make your game more popular. I would say 1. is this most important for ME. Please reply as soon as possible. (I can help with French and Polish translation.)

Hi, thanks for the questions!

1. Yes, we will work on a Sandbox mode for the next update.

2. We will put this game on Steam eventually, but we feel like it needs more content first.

3. We will work on difficulty levels for the next update.

We haven't started localizing to more languages yet.

This games is so cool , but i love every time :(

Glad you like it! We will work on difficulty levels for the next update.

There's Polish translation? Then how about an Italian version? I'll gladly translate?

Hey! Appreciate the offer. We haven't started localising yet so it's only in English for now. Localisation work won't start until next year sometime.

hype. is there going to be more factions? would love an advance civilization like the Minoans or a greedy but rich Egypta :D

Yes, there will be more factions. I'm keeping them a secret for now, but you're on to something... ;)


this game is gonna beat AoE :D!!!!!

hey linc just want to say that this game is still awesome

Appreciate the feedback!

I gave a hack at the demo/alpha.

Pretty fun.  If only I were able to zoom so I could see anything.  Either the option was not available or it was not visible.  Had it not been for that, I think I would have enjoyed it much more.


Did you find a hack or make a hack? There are no zoom options.

I misunderstood what you wrote but gotcha now. :)

Hopefully a mini map will help. Will consider a zoom option too.

I love this game, is there a multiplayer in wip? 

Appreciate your feedback! We will start working on multiplayer soon and it's the next major feature we want to add.

this game is so cool!But...i have a question...Will u guys add campaign?

Glad you like it! We would really like to add some sort of campaign down the track.

oh and also,when is the next patch gonna come?

We're on holidays at the moment but will start working on it soon. No estimated date at the moment. :)

Easy isn't Easy

Thanks for the feedback! We're going to change Beginner so the enemy doesn't attack you. That way you'll get as much time as you need to learn the mechanics and set up your base.

actually...it still does attack u..he just takes lonnger time to do that but still coming with a lot of people to attack u

Idk why but my Anti Virus gets crazy over this game every time I want to start it. Is this something that can get fixed? 

Hey! I have no idea, sorry. This is the first time we've read about it.

I know that the new Windows defender thing always acts up when downloading anything from itchio, so if that's your antivirus I would ignore it. I have McAfee and nothing has happened 

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I really like this game! Unfortunately, there is not much variety at the moment. I would like it Having a diplomacy mode when there are maps where you can play with more than just on opponents to make an alliance or trading with resources.

In addition, it would be quite interesting if the maps had different terrain types such as water.
It could also be quite interesting a map editor.

With big apologies for grammatical mistakes



Thanks for the feedback! More map options and water-based content will be added down the track. We have't thought about adding a map editor yet, but we will consider this later in development. Thanks again!

I really like this! I only have 2 complaints. 1) I wish there was a slider for screen sensitivity, it moves a bit too much for my taste, but it's not that bad. 2) I think either the enemy should attack less often or there should be a way to heal units. I'm really bad at strategic video games, but on the beginner level I find it hard to fight off the enemy, especially if I only just survive and have to re-build up my forces and then they attack stronger again.

This all being said, I'm having so much fun with this game! I spent like 3 hours on it yesterday and it would've been more but I got busy. I'm excited for what this game will become!

Oh, also, I think there's a visual glitch when you send a worker that's mining to go chop a tree. The villager will continue the mining animation until they get to the tree. Not that important, but I thought you should know.

(1 edit)

Thanks for the feedback! To read that you have spent hours playing our humble demo is very encouraging. 

To answer your complaints:

1. I've added screen sensitivity as a setting to our to do list.
2. We primarily tested the game on friends who have played many RTS games for years, before uploading the first build, so please don't let this demotivate you. You're not the first one complaining that easy is not really easy. We want the game to be accessible to new players and will tweak the difficulty levels. Also, a unit that can heal units is on the road map!

Thanks for the bug report, will look into it!

Thank you!!

Man ,First I want to congrats you for this game, is f*cking amazing. I usually play games like this (RTS) and this is something that i never see before and its great. its simple and funny , obviously its only a demo and its in devlopment,  i think this could be an excellent game hope you continue this project

Appreciate the feedback! The positive feedback is definitely encouraging us to continue this project.

This is one of the best games i have played on here! One thing, are you planning to allow multiple workers to work on one farm?

Thanks, glad to hear you like it! 

No, one Villager per farm is the plan. :)

artstyle looks a lot like "bronze age". Is that intentional?

(1 edit)

You mean the game named Bronze Age that's also available here? We had not heard about that game until we registered The Fertile Crescent on this site. Actually, The Fertile Crescent was initially named The Rise of Bronze Age, until we saw the other Bronze Age game and decided to change the name so it wouldn't be to similar. :)

We've tried it recently and it's a cool game!

Really great fun!

The technology thing is easy to forget to chose though, like it took me two games to realise it was a thing. Also it wasn't clear where each resource comes from.

Bug: if you tell a worker who is carrying stuff and going back to a depot or the base, to go and do something, he will go to the thing but then turn around and go back to the base or depot to drop his stuff off. he should just ignore the order to do the thing or do it after he drops the stuff off.

Thanks for the feedback!

We're contemplating letting you pick the first technology to research before the game actually starts. That way you don't have to worry about clicking around too much before settling your tribe. And also let you queue technologies so you don't have to micro the tech tree as much as now.

Thanks for the bug report, will check it out.

Hey man, you made an awesome game. Did you take inspiration from games like civ5/6? It's fun :D Just a few ideas: (I know it takes a long time, but if you ever need ideas here's some o3o)

. Horses around the map that can be tamed with the right technology

. Horseman and cavalry

. Catapults and battering rams that excel at combat against buildings

. Maybe boats?

. Training grounds to increase the strength/speed of military units

. Walls and defensive buildings

. Maybe a 'patrol' option for units so that they can patrol areas for enemies?

Great game man. Really enjoying playing it :D

Thanks man! We've taken inspiration from many games. Not directly from Civ, but I've played those games a lot so it might be an unconscious thing. ;)

Most of the stuff you suggest is on the road map. Stay tuned!

I knew civ was in there somewhere ;))

Actually, maybe the tech tree button and the research bar at the top left is inspired from Civ. Or a coincidence. Who knows! ;)

Really interesting game! I struggled a bit initially to figure out the correct method to play, but I actually think that's an asset to the game. I may not have played so long (about 4 hours) if I didn't have that drive to figure it out. I would love some more research or a larger map.

I love the game's visual design. Its very light and everything fits well together. 

I would have appreciated a pause. If anything interrupted me I usually died within a couple minutes of being away from the computer. 

I found that leaving the screen freezes gameplay

use alt_tab

(1 edit)

Thanks for the feedback! Glad to hear you enjoy it.

I'm uploading a small update today (Australia time) that will include Pause. 

More research and larger map types are on the road map. :)

how do i save my game?

Hey man, we haven't added Save yet.

ok its cool ill wait. when do you plan to add it? this game has potential to beat AOE... and its free!

Adding a Save/Load function can be quite a bit of work so we aren't 100% sure when yet. Thanks for the comment, glad to hear you like it!

I work in javascript but I assume c#(unity should be similar enough.) Do you store all the sprites and objects in an array? then you could just save an array as a file

Yes, C#. Maybe it's less work than I perceive. I'll look into it soon. :)

Also to help: I found a bug where spearmen are called "swords men" in the toolbar on the bottom.

Thanks for the bug report, will fix right away!

Yeah, Spearman, by a fault, currently has the same stats as Swordsman.


its my first gameplay right here

i love RTS genre and still its in early alpha so i cant comment more. goodluck on your game!
(1 edit)

Thanks for sharing! It was fun watching how you learned from the first game and smashed it on your second attempt.

If you click on the top left button you can research new technologies.

nice! thanks for the info :)


Played a tiny bit of this on my channel! 

Thanks, I enjoyed your video! Was fun to see how a new player understands the game. I'll have to work on those difficulty levels, and include a a better tutorial or in-game help button.

(1 edit)

When my people  don't have enough food, it says, "your people IS starving". When it should say, "your people ARE starving", by the way this game is awesome!


Thanks! I guess this revealed that I'm not native English. ;)

Really? I wouldn't have guessed as your English is very good!

Thanks man!

there is some bugs, but the game is genius

Would love a pause button and/or a save. Very Good.

Also, small bug where a bowman was chasing my slinger, then ran into melee range and stopped without attacking.

Thanks for the bug report!

Saving and pause is something I'll add eventually, but it's still a bit further down the track.

I love the art style. The food needs are a little unintuitive, maybe a tooltip when hovering, to explain it?

Also, bug I noticed:

An enemy axeman was attacking one of my archers. I moved the archer out of melee range, but the axeman just stood his place and attacked. It seems like the archer was still recieving damage as well, and died shortly afterwards. The axeman was quite a distance away at that point.

Thanks man, will sort it out!

Looks so cool but I can't play it because I have a 32-bit System :( Hope you add a 32 bit version soon


I'll work on it for the next build!

(2 edits)

why does the AI start with a fully developed town even on the easiest difficulty even though the player doesn't start with even a single building?

(1 edit)

A well developed skirmish style AI is going to be a challenge to implement, but it's on the road map.

ah right i actually suspected that this is the case a while after posting that. i hope you put some more settings in the match creation including the ability to play with no AI opponents. i get your game is more about fighting but i find the economy management in most rts-games enjoyable enough by itself. plus i don't like the preassure RTS-games put on you when there is no ability to pause the action so you can think and give commands. this game isn't looking too bad so far tho.

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll add a Sandbox build further down the road for players like yourself. :)
Also, several people have suggested adding a pause button, so I've added that to my to do list as well.

Well the game's 64 bit, Might wanna add 32 bit if you want me to record this


Thanks for the interest. I'll try to add 32 bit support in the next update.

Hey this for the dev of this game: I'm gonna see if i can record it if i can i'll do right away!
My Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp32FsnBuPaljUIRqBEJOZg?view_as=subscribe

Great game! Perhaps adding more food options. Limited to farms and berries. Animals for hunting/fishing would be a great addition! Reminds me of Age of Empires!

Thanks! Hunting animals and fishing are definitely on the road map.

very wasome

realy nice visuals are great and  this game is difficult i like that


Its a nice game, but i think that you should nerf the enemy spawn rate and spawn time, since there isnt enough time to collect food, wood and train your army.

What difficulty level did you play on? I'll look into it. Thanks for the feedback.

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