A downloadable game

The Fertile Crescent is a Real Time Strategy game set during the Bronze Age in the Ancient Near East.


- Core Real Time Strategy mechanics like training villagers and warriors, constructing buildings, harvesting resources, researching technologies, ranged units etc. 
- Make sure you have enough food to sustain your population.
- Defeat an enemy tribe on an auto-generated map.
- Four difficulty levels.
- Simple How to Play pages to get you started.

Online Multiplayer

Challenge a friend or foe 1 on 1!

Development Status

The Fertile Crescent is currently in early alpha. It is still limited in sound, music, options, AI and content. Also, some common RTS mechanics like mini map or grouping units are missing. 

The current version is fully playable and relatively bug free since we are continuously working on polish. 

Feedback Wanted

Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Connect with us or find someone to play online!

Official Discord

Install instructions

Unzip and run the executable.


The Fertile Crescent 0.4.4C.zip 30 MB
The Fertile Crescent 0.4.4C Linux.zip 32 MB

Development log

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Hello LincRead,

Sayyyyyy, this might be out of your intended scope for the game, but I have some suggestions. Have you considered adding the ability to redirect the flow of rivers, and other similar terra-forming to destroy enemy towns? How about salting the earth? Plagues? Famine? Inclement weather? Locusts? Natural disasters? Mud that slows your troops down? Awesome game so far!


Hi and sorry for the late response.  We can't make any promises yet, but we are considering anything! Thank you for the suggestions.

Hi! I noticed that if I try to run version 0.4.4C on an old laptop on a 32-bit OS (Windows 7), it gets partway through the loading process and freezes. I’m talking about it because this computer ran prior versions of this game okay (with long loading times being the only issue).

Hi, sorry to hear about your problem and sorry for the late response. We will release an update to the game at some point and hopefully we can resolve this.

Awesomeness! More content like this. Obviously reminds me of Age Of Empires II.

Thank you for your comment! Age of Empires II is one of many games The Fertile Crescent draws inspiration from.

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Problem. Whenever you play multiplayer for too long it starts to lag to the point of crashing both the games and sometimes the computers.
Also two suggestions for the next update would be too make it so 1. A bigger map, 2. 1v1v1 and 1v1v1v1 matches
Another problem I had was that when everything spawned, I had the people who make the town center go to build it and one of my people were in the way, so even when I moved the guy the people who make the town wouldnt move and I had to restart my game.

Thank you for your feedback! For the next update we will work on addressing this issue, work on more pathfinding optimisations, and add support for team games.

Alright, good to know!

New update new devlog video showcasing the update. I am looking forward to the creators launching a platform of supporting the game so we can come together as a community and support it so that they may focus further onto the dev of the game.

I hope you all like the video and have a great day and an awesome 2019.


Thanks for the video!

No thank you for making awesome indie games :) 

(3 edits)

when is the next ubdate? i CANT WAIT
can u add this stuff? :)
1.Add can u add more range units.

2.And so you can ubgrade your town center so you can build more stuff(buildings,units and ubgrades).

3.Add  rivers on the map. 

4.Add so you can chose map size.

5.Add 2v2, on multiplayer and 3v3

6.Add more buildings like   watchtowers 

7.Add animal on the map so you can farm them for food(some of the animal will attack some will run )

this is my list

Thanks for your comment! Sadly, January is a very busy month for us, so we can't promise when the next update will be worked on and uploaded. However, we DO have big plans for 2019!  At least 6 of your 7 suggestions are on our road map.

Nice game but there is a BIG PROBLEM: in multiplayer after a while 'play you start to laggare a lot until the crash or freeze the screen and then at the end of the game

I hope you manage to solve it for the rest is a great game


Thanks for letting us know! This problem was introduced in one of  the latest patches, so hopefully it should be an easy fix. We will  prioritise to work on this problem in the beginning of 2019.

Hello again. I've made a pretty lengthy comment about this game a couple of updates ago, I think 0.4.2(?). Anyways I got some things to talk about.

I played this time on sandbox which allowed me to discover these things.

  1. Is there or will there be a population limit? I gave up trying to find out after about 100 pop. 
  2. This may have been talked about before but I don't always check comments about this so...Is there going to be any way to delete clay pits once they are used up? I ask because with the limited amount of water clay pits have to be built on or with the way farms are planted for ultimate production, water will be used for other things and not necessarily used for clay pits to be built everywhere.  Make sense?? lol
  3. I did have 1 problem. This could be the result of a bug/glitch or it could've been me doing something wrong. I had built 24 farms all around water. Some got a 10 production, others got a 7 production. However, of the 24 farms, 6 of them the farmers wouldn't work. I had adequate granaries around the farms. Especially right next to the 6 causing the problem. If it had been a major problem I could've just micro-managed them but seeing as to how the other farms worked without micro-managing I just decided not to. 

Anyways I still love this game. I cant wait to see what this will become with future updates and more play time. Keep doing what y'all are doing!!!

1. There's currently no population limit. This is not decided upon yet.

2. The Clay Pit takes a lot of digging, so the ground becomes unsuitable for placing buildings or farming. Only 1 or 2 of the planned factions will require clay for constructing buildings though. Also, you will be able to place Clay Pit next to a river when we add that to the game.

3. This sounds like a bug we need to investigate. Thanks for letting us know!

Thanks for your encouraging words!

Just a warning if you have too many troops and you go attack the enemy it will massively lag your game.

Thanks for letting us know! We optimised pathfinding not many patches ago, but seems like we have more work to do.


Hello everyone here is my short video showcasing whats new in the game since the last two updates. I really am enjoying this game and I will keep an eye out on future updates as I want to see it develop having so much potential. If you do have a few minutes watch out my video. Also let me know what you think of the game. 

Thank you for your time.


Thanks for posting!

Hey,  I read the description of the archer while playing and noticed it said they're stronger when stationed in an outpost. Is that referring to the player settlement area or an actual building? I looked all over and researched everything but couldn't find an outpost anywhere. Am I missing something?

Also, fun game in the making by the way. Definitely would support by getting the full version!

Hi, we haven't actually added the outpost yet, so we changed the description of Bowman in 0.4.4 to reflect this. Thanks for asking!

Hi! I don’t know if this is either a bug or the controls just not being stated clearly, but I can’t seem to get the game’s controls to work. There is also long loading times, which is to be expected from an alpha release. Hope the game gets better!

(1 edit)

Hi and thanks for reaching out! 

We'll add a learning mission later, but for now: you use left mouse button for most actions like selecting units, buildings, clicking buttons etc., and right mouse button for ordering units to move, attack, construct, repair and harvest. You can use scroll wheel or arrow keys to move camera, or you can move camera by moving mouse to borders of the screen. Let us know if any if this doesn't work for you.

Loading times are very quick for me, only 1-2 seconds. Other devices we've tested on have the same loading times, so we're not sure why they're so slow on your computer. What specs does it have?

I am just starting to get the controls right! And I think the long load times might be due to older hardware (though the loading times on older hardware are drastically improved in 0.4.4).


You should probably change the wallpaper in the menu screen. It is copy and pasted from age of empire  

Hi, thanks for letting us know! We found a random image on Google and pixelated it, as a placeholder, and it didn't say anything about being from Age of Empires. We'll use something else as a background from the next version.

There now is no longer the option to download it through the Itch app.

Hi, I've never used to Itch App myself, but I'll see if there's any reason for this when I get the opportunity.

I played the game on beginner difficulty without any issue. At experienced difficulty on large map, game glitched out. I played on experienced difficulty but regular map after that and didn't have any issue.

Thanks for making a great game.

Thanks for letting us know! We will see if we can figure out what happens when we have the opportunity.


This is definitely one to play. 



Hey, it looks like there is only one developer for this game, how would you like another?


no u

no u

Thanks for offering, but we're not looking for more developers at the moment. Appreciate your interest though!

Hello everyone! I am loving this game! Brings back so many childhood memories and brings me back to the past. I cant wait to see future updates on this game to see where it will go. This is 0.4.2 but I see another update has already been released so I will look to see what that one has to offer soon too. Check out my video and let me know what you think. 

Hi, thanks for sharing you video! It's really insightful to see how others play the game so thanks for filming. Appreciate all your feedback.

No problem was thinking of doing a few more as you release more updates if that is something for me to do as I showcase different updates to the game weather be through gameplay lets play or simple showcase of the new features. 

Let me know  ! 

I think some new technologies and features should be in order:


Organization - Faster gathering, and unlocks Generalship
Generalship - Allows military units to have formations
Archery - Unlocks Bowman and allows to research Composite Bow
Free Spirit - Allows Healers to be recruited from Town Centers
Shields - Unlocks Spearmen training
Roads - Improves movement speed


Small Sentry Towers
Small Watchtowers
High Food amounts heal wounded units
Maybe even some water in maps

Hi and thank you for sharing your suggestions. You shouldn't be too surprised if you see some of them implemented in the future!

I downloaded this yesterday and I absolutely love it. I love AOE and so now I love this game. However, there are some things I hope to see in this game. I know not everything will be incorporated but none the less. I hope I can help. Bear with me. this could be a minute. 

Just random questions:

  • If I have a group of houses to be built, is there anyway to have a villager continue to build houses without me selecting every house and telling him to build it? In AOE if you tell a villager to build a wall, he will continue to build said wall without stopping until they are finished. Its frustrating and time consuming when I have to micro manage. AOE isn't perfect but it has its quirks. 
  • Will individual units be able to upgrade or will there just be more powerful units? Like a slinger for example, will it be able to be upgraded to a more powerful slinger or will the next unit be more powerful than the last? A composite bowman is more powerful than a slinger so will the next unit be more powerful than the composite bowman?
  • I haven't really noticed but is this game taking place in one age or are there other ages? I mean you go from copper to bronze when upgrading the units. Are the copper units an age and then the bronze an age or how is that going to work?

Now onto somethings I would like to see in game:

  • Walls
  • Guard towers
  • Cavalry units
  • Siege units (catapults, trebuchet, or any other siege units)
  • Maps that would incorporate water for either fishing boats or naval units
  • Allies
  • Trade with said allies
  • How about a chapel for priests. I had my scout out and he was attacked and I would've liked to have healed him. This could be done 2 ways: either priests are incorporated or we can have selected unit healed inside the tribe center.
  • More advanced tech tree. 
  • Will there be more tribes? I want to be able to, not only select my tribe but the tribes of either my ally and enemies. Or maybe just have a "random" button. 

There's more stuff I'd like to mention but I'll keep my comments short and sweet. I know this game is to mimic AOE and not be AOE at the same time. If you could just play AOE and take a lot of things from that, that would help you to understand what I mentioned above. I absolutely love AOE and I would like to see this game come close to being it. I took what I know from AOE and offered suggestions and I hope this helps.

I'm SUPER EXCITED to receive updates and I can't wait to watch and play as this grows into something more. I know as time goes on and I receive updates I'll more to mention so until then, It's been fun!!

If I could ask one more question. What's going to happen to the ones who downloaded this for free and played it and then made comments about this? Will it still be free to us while updates  are going on or will we have to pay for this at a later date? 

(1 edit) (+1)

Hello, and thank you for sharing you passion for Age of Empires, the RTS genre and our project!

We've played Age of Empires since we were little kids. I remember when I was 9 (this was in 1997) my best friend and I were camping in a tent in the yard, and we had brought a game magazine with us. In it was an article about Age of Empires. I still remember a picture of villagers standing in a circle around a shaman. I thought he was talking to them and that the game seemed really realistic!

Moving on from nostalgia, our goal is not to mimic Age of Empires. We understand that the inspiration from Age of Empires is the most obvious, but it's inspired by a handful of RTS games that we love. However, most of all, the game mechanics are inspired by history.

We did initially experiment with upgrading through ages (one of my favourite features in Age of Empires), but it was an idea we quickly tossed away. The Fertility Crescent will only focus on the Bronze Age of the Near East. 

Another obvious difference is how technology is researched. For example, we initially implemented that technology has to be researched in buildings, like in AOE, but we soon discovered that for our concept a technology tree is a lot more powerful. You have a better overview of technology research because everything is in one place, and part of our vision is broader paths of strategy.

To answer your other questions:
- Queuing construction of buildings for villagers is definitely something we'll look into when we start implementing walls.
- We're not planning to add upgradable units like the ones you find in Age of Empires. To improve your units you will need to research certain technologies (like Composite Bow for Bowman) or equip units with copper and bronze equipment in the Furnace.
- We will keep a free version of the game on itch.io, but for the premium version we will have to charge everyone to be able to support development, servers etc. These types of games take thousands of hours to develop and we have families to provide for. The price will reflect the amount of content and won't be ridiculously high - promise! :)

Of the content you're suggesting at least 7 of the bullet points are 100% planned. We'll just have to wait and see about the rest!

I love the concept but I miss a couple of things, can Imagine your guys are still working on it but for what it's worth, here's my 2 cents.


  • game play
  • graphics
  • bugs free!
  • DRM free!


  • I didn't notice the research tab (left top corner) until very late into the game
  • Food indicator, difficult because you only see what's going out, not what's coming in
  • Currently still short
  • "Large" map isn't that large


  • Settings, volume slider for example
  • Zoom function or UI scale
  • WASD to move over the map, I hate the arrows
  • Lots of game play / tech tree / buildings
  • Optionally, toggle for infinite resources (metals) for huge warfare

Thanks for the feedback! We'll think carefully about everything you suggest.

Thanks for listening! I hope I didn't come across too negative, really like the game!

Not at all! We know we still have a long way to go and all suggestions and feedback are valuable. Thanks for sharing.


I AM SERIOUSLY ENJOYING THIS GAME! I cannot wait for all the new features you plan on adding!

The one suggestion I have is to add a zoom feature. Having a 4K monitor makes it a little difficult to keep track of what I'm doing since everything in the game is super tiny. Other than that, I love it!

Glad to hear!

That's a good suggestion. Adding to backlog.

What are you future plans for the game? Will it be eventually released at a cost or remain free?

Thanks for asking!

We plan to release a version at a cost eventually so we're able to support and spend more time on development and pay for servers, but this is still a while away and won't happen until we have added enough content to justify it. For the time being our primary focus will be on improving game mechanics, continue developing the base-game (adding base defence, animals, rest of planned buildings etc.), multiplayer functionality, and lastly, AI for Skirmish mode. Then we'll take it from there!

For those of us who have the game, before you release the one that  will cost money, will we get it for free?

We're not sure how we'll handle this yet since it won't happen in a while, but we might keep one version for free and release a separate version with more content for a cost.

Ok thanks. Keep on updating!

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Hi, love your game. I do have a few suggestions though.

  1.  Could you please add more building varieties, such as a building that can give you cavalry, trading post that can give you wealth or food, and a ranch that can give you food.
  2.   add other tribes  into one match which you can trade with or make an alliance with. 
  3.  when you get the cattle upgrade you can actually see the cattle plowing the fields. 
  4.  add different crops, such as carrots, potatoes, wheat (which could be turned into bread maybe in a furnace.)
  5.  Please make it so you can see female and children  villagers walking around to add to the realism.
  6.  Taxing villagers could bring in wealth and maybe you could pay villagers to do their job.
  7.  Also maybe if you get a certain amount of population (100 or so) you could choose to remain leader or have an election to raise happiness and if you dont it puts at risk of people revolting (like in Tropico)

 I'm  pretty sure i saw that you were going to add factions, which sounds like a great idea. Even if you end up adding one of these that would be amazing. Love your game and please update more in the future.

Hi and thanks for the suggestions!

I can't promise we'll implement all of your suggestions, but at least 2 of them are already planned, and some of the others are very interesting and something we'll add to our backlog. Thanks again!

Also could you add it so the other tribe expands their village and has villagers that farm and build stuff

We're going to add proper skirmish AI at some point, but AI for RTS games are difficult to implement so we will need time to do it well.

just a few dont wory

Why we cant have like a mode of editor? Why i cant do Me VS IA?  please make this. Also, This has got a lot of potencial!

(1 edit)

The game already has a Human vs AI mode in it. Its called beginner to expert. Please join the discord server to find out about any updates. I know you don't know me, but I just help out everybody who plays this game. Go onto discord and join the server to ask me or LincRead any more questions. And I do agree, this game has potential.

I got another question: why do the game says that its a demo?

(1 edit)

Hey, thanks for getting in touch and asking!

Do you mean world map editor? We haven't thought about that yet as it's something that will take time to develop. We're focusing on the game mechanics first.

We wrote 'Demo' to represent the level of content in the game to narrow your expectations. It's still an alpha version. But, maybe we should rename to 'Alpha' instead because all the content we've developed for the game so far is in the build you can download.

ok, thanks

I found a really grave bug. While I was attacking the enemy tribe, my cursor tragically changed to drag selection one for the rest of the game, so I couldn't attack nor move my troops anymore.

Hey, sorry to hear about your experience! We just released a new version and have never encountered that bug ourselves. Hopefully it won't happen again in the new version.

THIS IS AMAZING!!! I am so excited to see the future of this project! 

The music is really nice! I hope more tracks will be added.

The food mechanic and surplus = tech and villager production speed is quite fun!

The idea of mining obsidian for Wealth was fun too,

I really (reaaaaally) like the aesthetic of the game, although I would like to suggest an option to make the UI darker (maybe dark brown for instance?). It looks very nice as it is, but my eyes get easily tired. 
Also, can I suggest "bulkier" houses? I guess it's normal to build them close together, like in lines or clusters, but, as they are now, they have a lot of space around them, a space that is not crossable by units.

if you need someone to do a portuguese version, I would be glad to contribute

Appreciate the comments!

More music tracks will be added down the track. We're going to experiment with interactive music that changes according to the development of your civilisation. More on this later...

Obsidian is removed in the next update because it confused some players, and also to make room for another new resource. Luckily, nothing is set in stone, so we can always revert back if the changes aren't good.

We'll have a think about darker UI. Can't promise anything on this yet.

We've updated the house and made it "bulkier" after reading your comment. You'll see it in the next update. Thanks for the feedback.

We haven't started localising yet, but when we do I'll keep you in mind. Thanks!

Btw if you need a russian translation I'm ready to help! just email me, when you'll start localization process 

Thanks man, will keep you in mind!

(1 edit)

this is a great game i was wondering if you plan on adding  more types of soldiers ?

or formations 

(1 edit)

Thanks for getting in touch!

Yes, we are planning to add more types of soldiers. For example, when we add walls and towers we will add siege units. Also, we have yet to add the most iconic and elite unit from the era. In addition, we plan to add unique units for factions, like the Egyptians using khopesh instead of sword.

When it comes to formations we are not 100% sure yet, but we will at least improve how units find a path to their destination. Right now they keep their distance to other units you command at the same time (like in Age of Empires 1), but we want them to attempt to move as a group to the same destination instead. It's a bit hard to estimate when we will have time to add this improvement.

Will you be adding factions ?


thanks for answering my qustions 


looked into your game and man is it fun. Is there anywhere where I can submit bugs/odd behaviour? Running into some issues that really suck the fun out of it and man is beginner still f**ing hard :D

Hey man, thanks for the feedback!

You can submit them here or join our Discord community and submit there.

I'm away atm, but when I get home I'll take a look. Please let us know about your issues. :)

Great! It's nothing major and maybe even a known problem but some rounds my villager just kinda refuse to go to a building or position that is vertical from theirs. I have to click so many times or move them in a zick-zack. They just walk a few steps and just stop. (But some rounds it's completely fine) 
And sometimes they just forget what their job was and just standing there packed with material. I first noticed on the field, I thought it's because foodwise I was good, so they stopped. But also the lumberjack stand beside tree doing nothing. But they weren't flag as "unemployed".
All that can be pretty annoying when you get attacked and it's getting hectic. But this game is still so fun.
Sidenote: The game is getting a bit laggy when you have a lot of villager/warriors.
Can't wait for more updates. 


Thanks! We've aware of these issues and will try to resolve them in the next update. Glad to hear the game is fun.

Another question will it ever be out for mac.

Hey! We're not sure yet. Can't promise yes or no.

I have two questions.

1. Will there soon be a easier mode than beginner I can't last long at all?

2. When will there be other types of multiplayer like 2v2 or 1v1v1 or 1v1v1v1.

(1 edit)

Hey, thanks for asking!

1. Yes, next update will feature easier AI and a Sandbox mode where you can mock around with the game mechanics without fearing attacks.

2. Our plan was to add team games in the next update, but we might release a smaller one first to address difficulty levels, and then add team games after that.

I'm away for several days but will start working on it when I get back. :)

I have 3 questions:

1. Please can you make a mode where there are no enemies. (Sandbox, but not with infinite everything.)

2. Can you put this game on steam? If it is, then this is irrelevant. Please try though.

3. I know you have heard this alot, but make the beginner mode easier as I can't survive for 20 mins without either starving or being ambushed by some raiders Im not prepared for.

If you do 2. then it will make your game more popular. I would say 1. is this most important for ME. Please reply as soon as possible. (I can help with French and Polish translation.)

Hi, thanks for the questions!

1. Yes, we will work on a Sandbox mode for the next update.

2. We will put this game on Steam eventually, but we feel like it needs more content first.

3. We will work on difficulty levels for the next update.

We haven't started localizing to more languages yet.

This games is so cool , but i love every time :(

Glad you like it! We will work on difficulty levels for the next update.

There's Polish translation? Then how about an Italian version? I'll gladly translate?

Hey! Appreciate the offer. We haven't started localising yet so it's only in English for now. Localisation work won't start until next year sometime.

hype. is there going to be more factions? would love an advance civilization like the Minoans or a greedy but rich Egypta :D

Yes, there will be more factions. I'm keeping them a secret for now, but you're on to something... ;)


this game is gonna beat AoE :D!!!!!

hey linc just want to say that this game is still awesome

Appreciate the feedback!

I gave a hack at the demo/alpha.

Pretty fun.  If only I were able to zoom so I could see anything.  Either the option was not available or it was not visible.  Had it not been for that, I think I would have enjoyed it much more.


Did you find a hack or make a hack? There are no zoom options.

I misunderstood what you wrote but gotcha now. :)

Hopefully a mini map will help. Will consider a zoom option too.

I love this game, is there a multiplayer in wip? 

Appreciate your feedback! We will start working on multiplayer soon and it's the next major feature we want to add.

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