- Minor maintenance

Change log


  • Updated alpha mission description
  • Added link to Steam on main menu
  • Added link to Twitter on main menu

Bug fixes

  • Fixed wrong speed of knowledge accumulation in tutorial
  • Fixed close button for 'research a technology' prompt seeming to open village improvements instead of closing prompt

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Hey just downloaded the game a few days ago and was really enjoying it, I played one game on beginner and won then went to start another game totday and there were no enemies, on all difficulties. 

ive started and stopped multiple times to see the map after wards, scouted maps and found no one.

is this a glitch?

You're right! I tested now and there are no enemies. Will look into it.

I'm uploading the fix right now. Thanks for making us aware of this!


Awesome everything is working great! thanks a lot!and You're welcome glad I could help.