Steam page announcement (with link!)

Hello again! 

Super exciting news - part 2! 

🔶 The Steam page for TFC is up and running, and we’d be very happy if you add it to your wishlist right now! 

Here’s the link:

As we mentioned in the last update, Steam is an important milestone for the project and a turning point for the game. This platform will allow us to reach a wider audience as well as serve as a stable home to TFC: The Fertile Crescent. We want the game to develop like the ancient civilizations, continuously advancing at a steady pace. We can assure you that it can only get better from here!

🔶 We can also share with you the first official date: TFC: The Fertile Crescent will appear on Steam in Early Access in the year 2022.

It is worth waiting for, as there will be new content, additional game modes (including a roguelike Conquest Mode!), refreshed graphics, full multiplayer support, lots of general improvements, and who knows what else? We have a lot of plans for TFC: The Fertile Crescent, so we hope you will stay with us to the end and one day longer!

 🔶 As you can see on our Steam page, there is a new logo for The Fertile Crescent, which we are super proud of! How do you like it? And of course, that’s not all. Be ready for more art and asset upgrades! 

🔶 And all this happened because of our partnership with The Knights of Unity, the game’s new publisher who we mentioned last time. Let us introduce them! 

There are many experienced game developers and enthusiasts in the ranks of the Knights. They have been working on games for 6 years - in their portfolio you will find such titles as Disco Elysium, Gwent: The Witcher Card Game and Card Hunter. The Knights of Unity have also created a digital version of the popular board game - Scythe, available on Steam as Scythe: Digital Edition. And now they will support us during the development including all activities related to promoting and publishing the game. 

We know this is a lot of information at once, but we hope you like it as much as we are excited about it! 


LincRead, MiniBoss and Knights

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Are there plans for any other platforms to be released on ? Separate version or GOG? Cheers!

Not yet, but we're probably not going to exclude other platforms. :)