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New development blog!

We haven't made any video blogs since our "Beginner's Guide" video 1.5 years ago, so we thought it was time to do another! Here we go through some of the features we've worked on since then: - Further Maintainance

We've been very busy working on the upcoming Steam version. Unfortunately, the upcoming Steam version and the current itch.io version have started diverging so much that it's hard to maintain both, but we were still able to add some bug fixes to this version. For example, we finally figured out why some villagers idled without showing an idle indicator!

NB! One bug we fixed will unfortunately break save games from earlier versions.

Upcoming Steam Multiplayer Demo and Tournament!

In a few days we're going to announce an upcoming limited-time Steam Multiplayer Demo, and there's also a community tournament in the works that will accompany the demo. Stay tuned for more! 

To avoid confusion we've also made sure this itch.io version is somewhat similar to the upcoming Steam Multiplayer Demo when it comes to balance changes, just in case some of you start training for the tournament in advance. :)

Change log

General improvements

  • Mouse hovering enemy building will take precedence over your own units if you have allied units selected (the opposite would sometimes make a surrounded watchtower very hard to select to attack)


  • All Wonder construction stages require more man power and costs more
  • Elite Light Axeman upgrade no longer adds +1 attack damage
  • Battering Ram costs 25 food and 150 wood (from 25 food and 75 wood)
  • Battering Ram have 4 armor against ranged attacks (from 6)
  • Militia costs 2 Knowledge Points (from 3)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a case with placing walls that would cause a multiplayer game to desync
  • Light Axeman correctly gets +1 ranged armor when upgraded to Elite Light Axeman
  • Showing health bars for garrisoned units first time selecting watchtower or palace
  • Fixed case of villager standing idle without showing idle indicator
  • Advanced technologies research are now displayed correctly after Palace is destroyed and remade
  • Units garrisoned in watchtowers are correctly displayed when watchtower is constructed at the bottom edges of map
  • Fixed a case that would stop units from continuing to chase enemy target
  • Fixed that villagers would never seek certain trees when looking for next tree to chop down
  • Fixed a problem with save games not being loaded

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