Disabled Unity Analytics

As you might have read from the blog post introducing 0.5.3, we enabled Unity Analytics in 0.5.3 to gather some data about how the game is played and performs. This raised concern from some of our users.

Unity Analytics is easy for developers to enable through the Unity dashboard, but it's the developers' own responsibility to share their usage with those who play their games, and to add an opt-in (and opt-out) from Unity Analytics.

We've decided to completely disable Unity Analytics for the time being, since we're not able to offer an opt-out button for Linux users.

If we ever add analytics in the future, we'll notify users about this, and we'll add an opt-in (in addition to the current opt-out solution). However, we will not do this until we're confident that we have a good solution, and right now we feel time is better spent developing other parts of the game.

0.5.3 will still show information about Unity Analytics in the bottom of the main menu, but it's no longer enabled. In the next build we will remove this message.

Have a nice day!

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Nice to hear, I did mind the usage data collection; it was quite clear to me. 

Happy to see, thanks for being responsive to the issue.  Definitely needs to be opt in on any platform.