0.5.6 - General improvements

This version comes with general improvements that fine-tunes the game in several areas.

Increased minimum fertile land around your spawn point
Especially multiplayer FFA (Free For All) games could have unfair starting locations. This change makes all multiplayer match types more fair.

More knowledge required to research a technology
This change is within the vision of the game for the following reasons:
1. Each technology choice feels more important since you can't just rush through them as much.
2. Food surplus is given more significance since not having a food surplus in greater effect leads to stagnation.

This change was requested by several community-members, and we agree. Our testing found that it makes the game more fun to play! :)

Prompt to research technology
Many players forget (or don't even know that they are supposed to) select a technology to research, so now you will be prompted to do this when the Village Center has been constructed (you don't generate knowledge until Village Center has been constructed).

Auto-connect to region with best ping
The game used to auto-connect to Australia (which has the fewest users, so it didn't make sense), but will now always auto-connect to the region with the best ping.

Spectate and chat when defeated or game ends
Players who are defeated will now be set as a spectators. As a spectator you can only chat with other spectators, and the entire map is explored and visible. After the game ends, everyone are set as spectators and can continue to explore and chat with each other.

Other improvements, balance changes and bug fixes
We've also made balance changes to to Swordsman, Slinger and Watchtower, several improvements in areas like player controller and AI, and bug fixes. 

Check out the full changelog below!

Change log 0.5.6

- A notification box will now prompt you to research a technology when your Village Center is constructed
- Enemy AI is now much smarter when attacking a building by always looking for new units to target instead (this actually makes the AI a lot harder to play against)
- When you double-click a unit to select units of same type it will now find the units that are closest to the unit you double-clicked (this could feel random before the change)
- In multiplayer you will always auto-connect to the region with the best ping
- Nickname character limit is set to 28 (from infinite)
- Game name character limit set to 28 (from infinite)
- Updated several unit descriptions
- EXPERIENCED and EXPERT wave AIs produce units slightly faster
- Notifications now have to be closed to disappear

- When defeated and the match is still going on you will be set as spectator
- As a spectator you can only chat with other spectators
- As a spectator the entire map is explored and visible
- When multiplayer game ends menu, settings and how to play pages automatically closes to make room for multiplayer game ended panel
- Chat input box is automatically closed when multiplayer game ends
- Players can chat with each other as spectators after game ends

Balance changes
- Minimum fertile land around spawn points has been increased by 50% on all map types
- All technologies now require 60 knowledge to research (from 40)
- Knowledge is no longer generated while starving
- Slinger deals 2 siege damage as well as damaging garrisoned unit whenever it attacks a garrisoned watchtower
- Swordsman hit points increased to 105 (from 90)
- Watchtower base hit points increased to 140 (from 120)
- Watchtower upgraded hit points increased to 175 (from 145)

Bug fixes
- Health regeneration no longer happens during battle and correctly resets after battle
- Fixed bugs that could potentially happen if a unit died by the time he fired a projectile and the projectile hit its target
- Trying to chat after multiplayer game ends no longer causes bugs and potential game crashes
- Fixed that occasionally the game wouldn't let you construct anything on locations a chopped down tree had previously occupied
- Fixed that some marshland tiles had 0 fertility (even if they showed excellent fertility in UI)
- Clicking rally point button plays click sound
- Playing sound when Clay Pit has been constructed
- Fixed typo in Barracks description
- Fixed a potential rare crash


The Fertile Crescent 0.5.6 Windows.zip 42 MB
May 01, 2020
The Fertile Crescent 0.5.6 Linux.zip 41 MB
May 01, 2020
The Fertile Crescent 0.5.6.app.zip 40 MB
May 01, 2020

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