0.5.7 - General improvements

Nerfed Light Axeman
As our community pointed out, Light Axeman has been overpowered since the ranged units overhaul, so we've made adjustments to this unit. This makes it more worthwhile to spend knowledge on Organised Warfare, and it also makes it a bit easier to defend yourself against a Light Axeman rush.

Fill out empty training slots with CTRL + unit
As requested by the community, you can now fill out all empty training slots in the Barracks and Archery Range. Both CTRL + hotkey and CTRL + click on unit training button will work.

Unit behavior improvements
We managed to debug and fix a fairly common case that could case warriors to seemingly just idle, even if there were enemy units close by. This case was difficult to debug, but hopefully we've managed to fix the most problematic case. If you see this happen again we will be grateful if you report this to us. :)

If you looked very closely there were other rare problems with unit behaviors in previous builds as well that we've attempted to improve with this patch. See the full change log for more. However, even after working on some of these odd problems, we know there might still be rare cases where a unit doesn't behave 100% as expected. It shouldn't be too noticeable at the moment though, and we'll continue improving unit behavior as we go. Please let us know if you notice anything!

Other improvements
Some examples are changes to the map generator, and bug fixes. Check out the change log further below for more.

The road ahead

The next large build will include a tutorial to make it easier to introduce friends to the game and play multiplayer with. Apart from that, this marks one of the last "General improvements" builds before we start working on new exciting content!

Change log 0.5.7

- You can now hold CTRL while pressing clicking on train unit button (or using hotkey) to fill all remaining production slots with that unit
- All AI difficulties are very slightly easier in the first couple of waves but then to a greater extent become progressively more difficult before they stagnate
- Changed description of plain soil quality to 'poor' (from 'bad')
- Changed map size names to Small and Standard (from Normal and Large)
- Map types in lobby shows as Small and Standard (from 1v1 Small and Free for all)
- Split Controls and hotkeys into two sections Controls and Advanced Controls in How to play pages
- If a unit is moving to a ground position and is blocked by a group of enemy units it will now  retaliate if close enough to target position, instead of infinitely trying to get to the target position (looking like it was just hanging around while getting killed)
- Changed colors of enemy AI so it's easier to see the difference in team colors when there are big battles
- If a unit is hit by an enemy projectile it will no longer blindly target the enemy ranged unit but it will attack move towards the enemy position

Balance changes
- Light Axeman damage reduced to 5 (from 6)
- Light Axeman hit points reduced to 50 (from 55)
- Light Axeman costs 25 food and 10 wood (from 15 food and 5 wood)
- Increased all map sizes slightly
- Increased number of metal deposits that can spawn on all map sizes slightly
- The amount of fertile versus arid land on the largest map type (now named Standard) has been increased slightly and it now now matches the values for the smallest map type (now named Small)

Bug fixes
- Fixed a bug that would happen after Clay Pit had been constructed that prevented collision to be set correctly on tiles it was located on top off, which could cause a range of problems
- Fixed another problem with Clay Pit textures
- Fixed a bug that could happen when two enemy units occupied the same node by error and one of them would not attack the other
- Fixed a bug that prevented garrisoned ranged units from attacking buildings within range if units were within vision range but not attack range
- Showing correct image for selected marshland tile on description panel
- Showing tooltip for villager currently carrying when holding over information box on bottom information panel
- It's much easier to hold over stats in the bottom information panel to show the tooltips
- Fixed that if you were holding over a tooltip on the bottom panel when a building was selected and then deselected the building, next time you selected a building the tooltip box wouldn't still show even though you were no longer holding over any tooltip objects
- Fixed Javelinman's melee attack animation
- Projectiles no longer stick around in rare cases


The Fertile Crescent 0.5.7 Linux.zip 41 MB
May 08, 2020
The Fertile Crescent 0.5.7 Windows.zip 42 MB
May 08, 2020
The Fertile Crescent 0.5.7.app.zip 40 MB
May 08, 2020

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I love this game and I appreciate the pace of these updates!

Can I ask what features you guys have planned coming up after the tutorial?

(1 edit) (+1)

We haven't decided on the order yet, but animals and hunting, water (boats, fishing), walls and siege unit(s), queueing orders by holding shift, statistics on the end multiplayer screen, trading and diplomacy, are some examples.