Help us plan our road map (link to survey)

We would greatly appreciate it if you spent 30 seconds on our 1-question survey about what we should focus on next:

Thanks in advance!

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I look forward to see what you have for us coming and to see what the community suggests. Whatever it is I will support the game as much as  I can. Every time I release an update video you create another update :P . Thank you for your hard work and I will share this hopefully get more people involved with the survey.

Thanks! We'll leave the survey up for a day more. :)

We will just let it run until we get the maximum amount of responses that we are allowed to receive from having the free version of the survey maker.

Thank you


I tried to share it on other websites so that gets a bit more traction.  I'd rather people tried the game first of course before they start suggesting stuff. But anyhow hope it helps.

Thanks! We're very close to getting all the surveys we need. :)

When will the survey last? Or is it over already?