0.5.9 - Attack sound effects

Attack sounds
Finally, battles aren't quiet! Every single weapon in the game has been given its own sound, even stick and rock throw.

UI improvements
We've improved the contrast between text and background, so that text is easier to read. Some UI elements have been given an update a well.

Improved tutorial
We've added voice over, a new unique music track, and we've made several changes that improves the overall experience.

Stable version?
Since this is the last update that is mainly a general improvements update for a while, we've really taken the time to fix bugs and make sure everything works as intended. The next major build will focus more on a new feature (more about this further down).

Of course, we'll be implementing hot fixes for bugs that the community find and report, until the next major feature is implemented.

What feature won the survey?
For the last week or so we've been running a public survey where we asked what we should focus on next. Thank you so much to those of you who responded! It's given us some really great insight, which helps us plan our road map.

We'll only reveal the winner at this point, for various reason, but what we can reveal is that the least voted feature received votes from a whopping 9.5% of the respondents. From this, we can conclude that every single feature in the survey deserve our care and attention. 

We can also reveal that two features got very close to receive the most votes.

So what feature received the most votes? 
Walls and siege units.

Expect this feature to be present in the next major update. We'll do our best to make walls and siege units a really cool addition to the game!

Change log 0.5.9

- Added attack sound effects (stick, throw, sling, bow, spear, javelin, axe, sword)
- Units no longer chase enemy through fog of war and will instead attack move to last seen position
- When you rally point to a clay pit under construction any villagers who are trained after construction is completed will automatically dig clay (no need to rally point a second time after clay pit has been constructed)
- After constructing a clay pit villagers will no longer look for nearby buildings to construct but will start digging clay from the constructed clay pit

- Overhauled all UI elements to make sure there is sufficient contrast between text and background colors
- Updated farm soil fertility indicator
- Updated farm taken indicator

- Added VO to tutorial
- Added a new music track to tutorial
- Made several changes to the tutorial so it feels "smoother"
- Reduced the research time for the tutorial only
- Updated text for tutorial goals
- Added new completed tutorial goal sound effect

Balance changes
- One more metal spawns on all map sizes on a plain tile
- Experienced and expert difficulty AIs will wait slightly longer to attack you the first time
- All difficulty AIs will attack you with an extra unit in the first wave
- All AIs become slightly harder over time

Bug fixes
- Music no longer occasionally gets stuck in a loop
- Fixed that depleted clay pit doesn't look depleted
- Fixed that mines that were positioned next to the bottom-right edge of the map occasionally couldn't be mined
- Fixed numerous rare bugs that followed similar patterns, and that could cause errors and potential crashes
- Fixed a potential bug that could prevent villager from exiting build state after constructing a granary
- Fixed a bug that could potentially crash the tutorial
- Fixed a problem with wrong pivot points for resources that potentially could cause errors
- Villagers that were in the process of constructing a clay pit but were then told to do something else will no longer be told to move to clay pit and dig clay when it has been finally constructed by other villagers
- Fixed a typo in settings


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Thank you for making the game even better! 

Keep up the hard work!