- Improved fog of war

Improved fog of war
In previous versions fog of war was simple in that areas that were explored and not visible, only hid units. If a tree was chopped down or a new building constructed, this was revealed through fog of war. This meant that you only had to explore the map once to see where the enemy expanded.

In this version, whenever an explored area is no longer visible for any allied units or buildings, the game creates a snapshot. See the image below for an example of what this means:

  • A. The left screen shows the scout checking what the enemy is up to.
  • B. The middle screen shows the area after the scout leaves and the area is no longer visible for any allies.
  • C. The right screen shows the scout exploring the area again after a while, which since last exploration has had development.

This change makes continuous scouting a lot more important in multiplayer games. 

Siege armour
Adding siege armour is our first step towards working on walls and siege units. Siege armour will make it easier to balance this aspect of the game.

Researching Baked Clay Bricks increases siege armour by 1 for all buildings with siege armor (excludes farm and clay pit).

Multiplayer game over statistics
Now you can analyse further how the match played out.

Destroyed building effect
This effect is accompanied by a destroyed building sound.

Which farm is mine?
The farm indicators now give a (green) hint to show which farms any selected villagers are currently owning.

Change log

- Added snapshot system for explored tiles that are not visible for any allied units or buildings
- No longer showing data in UI about selected object if not visible
- 'Move to arrow' animation now points to object, if hovering any, instead of position, so it's more clear that you selected to move to the object you're hovering
- Added siege armor to buildings that reduces damage taken
- Updated description of Baked Clay Bricks technology in Technology Tree
- Showing player statistics after multiplayer game ends for each player: food, villagers, warriors, unit kills, units lost, technologies, equipment
- Added building destroyed smoke effects
- Added building destroyed sound
- Now showing a green hint on all farm taken indicators whether any selected villagers are working on any of the farms
- Spectator no longer gets under attack messages if teammate is under attack
- Hiding all stats about selected unit in UI that is not currently within any unit or building visibility

Balance changes
- All buildings have 0 siege armour as default (excluding farm and clay pit)
- Baked Clay Bricks increases siege armour for buildings by 1
- Villager repair speed has been halved
- Code of Law increases starvation time before revolting by 100% (from 50%)
- Dwelling has 12 vision range (from 1)
- Barracks and Archery Range has 12 vision range (from 1)
- Dwelling has 8 vision range (from 1)
- Watchtower has 1 vision range when not garrisoned (from 6)
- Watchtower increases vision range of garrisoned units by 8 (from 6)

Bug fixes
- Knowledge generation from Village Center UI now updates while Village Center is selected when food surplus level changes
- Building health UI now updates when selected and while Baked Clay Bricks has been researched
- Fixed a crash that could happen in rare cases if a resource at the edge (bottom) of the map was depleted and a villager delivering resources to it would try to seek a new resources in its proximity
- Fixed a rare pathfinding crash
- Fixed slightly wrong building z indexes

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