- General improvements including combat balance

We've had a small break, but now we're back at it! 

Since we launched the first build on itch, we've gathered a huge amount of player feedback that we're continually revising. From this, we have a ton of ideas on how to make the game better, and we'll continue to implement these step by step as we plan to expand the game further.

Food surplus trend indicator
Are you generally stocking up on more food to add to your food surplus, or are you consuming more food than your farms are able to produce? It's hard to calculate the exact numbers for this since a lot of unforseen code execution might happen at any point, like units changing paths, gates might get closed, resource delivery points gets destroyed, resources get depleted, etc. Nonetheless, we've added an indicator to help you know more about the food surplus trend. It updates every 30 seconds and only considers the food gathered minus the food consumed (not including training new units) during this time, so that you at least have a rough idea on how your food surplus is holding up.

Bronze helmet
You can now equip units with bronze helmet (from furnace) that provides an additional +1 armour to all units wearing helmets.

Select up to 33 units at once
In this update you can select 50% more units in a group than previously. We've also updated the design of UI for groups.

Combat balance changes
We're in the process of revising the combat balance and unit roles. As a starter, we've doubled up most of the attack damage and health values to make balancing easier. For example, with bowman, instead of giving his ranged attack damage a value of 4 or 5, which seem to be either too weak (and the same as Slinger), or too strong (making it the most used unit in the game by far based on analytics), we're now able to give it a value in between (9). In general, we've been able to give most units and equipment small balance changes that should improve the overall balance and make certain units more interesting to use. Expect some cool additions to units in one of the next updates that will attempt to make unit roles more differentiated! 

Change log

- Added new equipment bronze helmet to furnace that adds 1 additional armour to all units who wear helmets
- Food stock UI now shows arrows that represents the trend of food gathering minus food consumption for the last 20 seconds
- Max selected units in group is now 33 (from 22)
- New button and unit portraits for multiple selected units buttons
- New button and unit portraits for garrisoned watchtower button that orders unit to exit watchtower
- Villagers who complete construction of Village Center will automatically find nearby fruit trees to forage
- Updated health bar color in selected controller panel to match updated UI elements

Unit balance changes
- All units have had their hp, damage and armour values doubled and further balance changes below reflect this
- Bowman base melee attack reduced to 5 (from 6)
- Bowman base ranged attack damage reduced to 9 (from 10)
- Light Axeman health points increased to 110 (from 100)
- Light Axeman base melee damage decreased to 9 (from 10)
- Javelinman base melee damage decreased to 7 (from 8)
- Javelinman base ranged attack damage decreased to 13 (from 14)
- Javelinman hit points reduced to 100 (from 110)
- Swordsman training time increased to 26s (from 22s)
- Swordsman base armour has increased to 3 (from 2)
- Slinger base melee attack reduced to 5 (from 6)
- Slinger base ranged attack damage decreased to 7 (from 8)
- Scout base melee attack damage decreased to 3 (from 6)
- Villager base melee damage and base ranged attack damage decreased to 5 (from 6)
- Most units have had their base siege damage changed slightly

Equipment balance changes
- Bronze Spear adds 2 additional attack and siege damage to units using spear or javelin (from 1)
- Bronze Axe adds 3 additional  attack and siege damage to Heavy Axeman (from 2)
- Bronze Axe adds 2 additional  attack and siege damage to Light Axeman (from 1)
- Bronze Arrowheads adds 2 ranged attack damage to Bowman (from 1)
- Bronze Armour adds 3 armour to Swordsman (from 2)
- Bronze Armour costs 125 metal and 75 wood (from 100 metal and 50 wood)
- Bronze Shield adds 2 armour to users of small shields (from 1) and 3 armour to users of large shields (from 2)
- Bronze Shield costs 125 metal and 75 wood (from 100 metal and 50 wood)

Technology balance changes
- Militia adds villager hit points by 20 (from 10)
- All buildings have had their base hit points roughly doubled
- Baked Clay Bricks add 2 siege armour to all buildings (from 1)

Bug fixes
- Fixed a bug that could crash the game if any areas were walled in
- Copper spear and bronze spear upgrades javelin ranged attack damage as it should
- Militia research correctly equips villagers with militia bow
- Can no longer exceed maximum number of selected units by holding shift while selecting units
- Correct furnace equipment attack and damage increase descriptions
- Correct building under construction icon in constructing building UI
- Fixed that when villager had constructed granary last resource position was not reset correct, which meant that villager could potentially find a fruit true at an earlier location and this would seem like odd behavior
- Villager rock throwing and militia bow attack sounds are no longer mixed up
- Fixed typo in description
- Removed wrong pixels in swordsman idle animation
-  Villager dig clay sound no longer plays when sound is muted
-  Ram attack sound no longer plays when sound is muted

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