- Palace and new village improvements

This update is one of the largest updates we've yet to release, with general improvements, new content, balance changes and bug fixes!

Since there are so many changes to the game overall, we are going to spend some time to monitor the game balance (and any issues that arise) for the upcoming Christmas tournament, Crescent Cup, a tournament that the Discord community is arranging. We'll post separately about the tournament soon, but if you're keen to know more, join our friendly Discord community:


Palace and priests
The Palace is a new important building:

  • It adds 8 housing
  • You can garrison villagers to work as priests and generate knowledge
  • It unlocks advanced military units (previously the role of organised warfare)
  • Advanced village improvements are now locked in the technology tree until you've constructed a palace

Updated user interface
The updated user interface has allowed us to make QOL changes like:

  • A button to select all idle villagers
  • More information about units (like showing unit upgrade and how much food a unit consumes)
  • More production queue slots
  • Move all technology, equipment and defeated notifications away from middle of screen
  • Plus other small changes and added details (see change log)

Building icons are also remade in a different style to make it much more obvious which button selects which building.

Village improvements
The technology tree has been renamed to Village improvements, and as you can see below, some of the village improvements are locked until you construct a palace.

General village improvements

  • Architects is a new village improvement that adds +25% construction speed for villagers
  • Organised warfare now adds 20% military training speed (previously it unlocked advanced military units)
  • Writing has been renamed to Scribes and now adds +100% priest knowledge generation (previously added +25% global knowledge generation)

Unit upgrades
Militia and composite bow are unchanged, but we've added a unit upgrade to every other unit in the game (except Scout):

  • Sturdy sandals: +2 movement speed for Light Axeman
  • Howling rocks: +1 ranged attack damage and 3 area of effect damage to small targets for Slinger
  • Skirmishers: +3 ranged attack damage to any unit without shield for Javelinman
  • Brute strength: Heavy Axeman attacks ignore all armour
  • Shield wall: Heavy Spearman ignores 2 ranged attack damage
  • Royal guards: Swordsman evades every 4th hit
  • Specialised underminers: Sapper deals +6 siege damage to walls, gates and watchtowers
  • Improved engineering:  Battering Ram gets +1 movement speed, +100 hits points and deals 200% siege damage to gates

Groups passing each other
Groups of units passing through each other are now much better at doing this. Units are generally much better at asking other units to give space, which means that units find ways through each other faster and more smoothly. Apart from looking better, it also reduces the performance required, since groups are much less likely to get stuck and continuously try to find new paths through each other.

Change log

- Added new building 'Palace'
- Palace adds 8 housing
- Palace unlocks advanced village improvements in technology tree
- Palace unlocks training of advanced military units
- You can only operate one Palace at a time
- If Palace gets destroyed any current advanced village research or advanced unit training gets cancelled
- You can garrison up to 5 villagers in palace to work as priests and generate 0.2 knowledge each (0.4 when Scribes (formerly Writing) has been researched)
- Whenever villager is selected an indicator pops up over palace that shows number of garrisoned villagers

Unit upgrades
- Slinger can be upgraded with 'Howling rocks'
- Light axeman can be upgraded with 'Sturdy sandals' 
- Heavy axeman can be upgraded with 'Brute strength' 
- Heavy spearman can be upgraded with 'Shield wall' 
- Javelinman can be upgraded with 'Skirmishers'
- Swordsman can be upgraded with 'Royal guards'
- Sapper can be upgraded with 'Specialised underminers'
- Battering ram can be upgraded with 'Improved engineering'

New in-game UI
- The new UI has smaller elements, which allows for more information to be showed at once as well as for the UI to take less map space
- All icons have been updated to fit the new UI
- Passive unit upgrades like militia, composite bow and new unit upgrades now show below unit portrait with tooltip if hovering with mouse
- Unit training tooltip panel now shows how much housing is required to train the unit
- It is more obvious in production tool cost boxes if you have the required amount of resources and not
- Added select all idle villagers button next to select idle villager button
- Construct building button icons are now more symbolic so it's easier to see which button refers to which building
- Bottom controller UI now shows food consumption for units
- Increased number of queue slots for production buildings to 9 (from 5)
- Building stats like siege armour is no longer hidden while producing units or equipment
- Moved technology, equipment, defeated ally and defeated (self) notifications to top-left (from middle of screen)
- Only showing bottom and bottom right hud sections when they're relevant

Technology tree
- Technology tree title renamed to 'Village improvements'
- Added new village improvement 'Architects'
- Training advanced military units now requires a palace to be constructed instead of Organised warfare to be researched
- If palace gets destroyed all production of units and village improvements that depends on palace gets cancelled
- Organised warfare improvements now increases military unit production by 25%
- Writing has changed name to 'Scribes' and now adds +100% knowledge generation to priests

General improvements
- Made a small change to one of the dwelling sprites so that it's less confused with resource camp
- Added new sound effects to select and move battering ram
- Health bars show closer to unit
- Idle indicator now pops up over idle villagers
- Click to move indicators now render on top of unit health bars
- Building no longer finish production of units unless it borders at least one empty node
- Building will always spawn produced unit at empty node that is bordering building
- Improved large groups of units passing each other (it looks better, is more efficient, and has better performance)
- Enabling raze construction button as soon as building has been placed (previously when constructed)
- You can now see enemy building's siege armour

Balance changes
- Most buildings have had their base hit points reduced by 10-20%
- Village center has 2500 hit points (from 2000)
- Sapper movement speed is 7 (from 8)
- Sapper costs 35 food and 15 wood to train (from 25 food and 15 wood)
- Light axeman base movement speed is 7 (from 8)
- Swordsman base armour is 1 (from 3)
- Swordsman base attack damage is 21 (from 26)
- Swordsman hit points is 230 (from 150)
- Heavy axeman hit points is 150 (from 140)
- Sapper base siege damage is 12 (from 16)
- Battering ram costs 50 food and 50 wood to make (from 75 food and 75 wood)
- Battering ram requires 2 housing and consume 2 food (from 1 housing and 1 food consumption)
- Battering ram base hit points are 350 (from 450)
- Battering ram base movement speed is 2 (from 3)
- Battering ram no longer deals 200% damage to gates without being upgraded with improved engineering
- Battering ram base siege damage reduced to 28 (from 32)
- Watchtower adds 8 range to garrisoning units (from 6)
- Garrisoned bowman that doesn't have composite bow upgraded can now reach a slinger from all angles (see bug fixes for more)

Bug fixes
- Fixed that buildings constructed after baked clay bricks was researched didn't get the upgraded amount of hit points
- Playing correct sounds when selecting new target to attack from watchtower
- Selecting an enemy controller to attack while watchtower is selected no longer sets watchtower rally point to enemy controller
- Fixed an code exception that could crash the game
- Fixed villager pathfinding to farms that are walled in (in previous version villagers seemed to start farming in the middle of nowhere)
- Battering rams no longer get stuck in each other
- Fixed problem with garrisoned unit's vision range
- Fixed problem with garrisoned unit attack range not being equal for each angle enemy is attacking from
- If villager was selected and people revolt then all farm taken indicators will now hide
- If watchtower is selected during revolt then garrisoning units ui will now correctly hide
- Construction tooltip shows correct construction price for workshop
- Fixed a pathfinding issue that could lead to some villagers in a group ordered to construct to just stand behind the villagers reaching target construction site first
- Fixed problem with battering ram not asking units to move out of way causing battering rams to get stuck and generally show weird behavior
- Cancelling unit training doesn't affect food surplus indicator anymore
- Tutorial is working again
- Fixed a pathfinding issue that would happen if a bunch of units not following a leader tried to get around a building

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Cool update! Can't wait to check it out!

Thanks! Glad you like the update :)


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