- General improvements

This update continues to improve upon, with improvements to the map generator, adding unlimited number selection, and more, plus the usual balance changes and bug fixes.

Village improvements balance changes
Tier 1 village improvements are now cheaper and some tier 2 village improvements are more useful to encourage researching them.

Map generator improvements
The updated map generator now tends to generate much more balanced maps. It also makes sure there are a minimum amount of fertile tiles.

Select unlimited number of units
We removed the 30 selected units at once cap. The updated UI now shows what types of units and the number of each that is selected. You can click on one of the unit portraits to select all units of that type.

Wall connections
As shown below walls and towers can now connect to more than 2 other walls and watchtowers at once.


The next update is planned to include a spectator mode multiplayer, for Crescent Cup, a tournament held by the Discord community on December the 19th.

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Change log

General improvements
- You can now select an unlimited amount of units at once and group these
- Updated UI for multiple selected units
- Villagers who constructed resource camp will now automatically start chopping or mining whatever resource is the closest
- Walls and watchtowers now connects to other walls and watchtowers in all angles no matter the number of connections
- Number of priests indicator now shows above palace building when palace is selected (not only when villager is selected)
- Font is slightly more dilated
- Made a few adjustment so that ui elements are better aligned for screens with 1376x768 resolution
- Updated tile icons
- Updated how to play pages
- Adjusted dig clay sound level

Map Generator
- Map now always generates a minimum amount of fertile tiles
- Map generation is now more predictable when it comes to amount of fertile tiles
- Map will now attempt to even out number of fertile tiles in each region to make it more balanced

Balance changes
- Eas tree gives 25 wood (from 30)
- All tier 1 village improvements require 30 knowledge (from 40)
- Code of Law now also increases villager train speed by +15% in addition to doubling starvation timer
- Architects increases construction speed by 30% (up from 25%)
- Architects now increases repair speed by 30% as well (previously only construction speed was affected)
- Experienced and Expert demo tribes get slightly more progressively difficult for each wave of units it sends to attack you
- Tribe controller has 12 vision range (from 16)
- Less land is cleared around spawn point when game begins

Bug fixes
- Food intake ui in top section showing -200 and below now renders number on one line correctly
- Battering ram trained no longer spawns on tiles occupied by other units
- Unit trained no longer spawns on nodes occupied by battering rams
- Battering ram  trained no longer destroys farm if spawning on top off it
- Corrected Javelinman ranged attack range
- Fixed odd behavior for when units are trying to move away from building placed on top of them

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