- Balance changes

This is another update that focuses on multiplayer balance. We've analyzed the game further, done more internal tests, and received feedback from our community. From this, we've re-introduced a separate armor type against ranged attacks, made some buildings slightly stronger, and more.

Change log

General improvements
- All units now have a separate stat for additional armor from ranged attacks, that shows in selected controller panel
- Villager delivers resources on repair if repairing delivery point
- Updated equipment descriptions

Unit balance changes
- Heavy Axeman has 150 hit points (from 170)
- Heavy Axeman deals 15 damage (from 16)
- Heavy Spearman has 2 base ranged armor (from 2 base standard armor)
- Heavy Spearman deals 11 base damage (from 12)
- Heavy Spearman Shield Wall improvement adds +3 armor against ranged attacks (from +2)
- Heavy Spearman costs 35 food and 15 wood to train (from 35 food and 20 wood)
- Swordsman costs 35 food and 15 metal to train (from 45 food and 15 metal)
- Swordsman has 210 hit points (from 250)
- Swordsman has 1 base default armor (from 2)
- Bowman has 16/24 attack range (from 14/22)
- Bronze Shield provides all units who wield a shield an additional +1 standard armor and +1 armor against ranged units (from +2 standard armor)
- Sapper has 1 base armor against ranged attacks (from 1 standard armor)
- Battering ram has 6 base armor against ranged attacks
- Battering ram consumes 2 food

Other balance changes
- Copper and bronze weapons no longer increase siege damage for any units in the game
- Watchtower, wall, gate, village center has 1 base siege armor (from 0)
- Village Center has 3000 base hits points (from 2500)
- Palace has 1000 base hit points (from 200; which was a bug)
- Tribe unit adds 900 health to Village Center when reaching it (from 200)

Bug fixes
- Scribes increases priest knowledge generation by 200% like description states (not 100% by a mistake)
- Improved Engineering description no longer overflows text box

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