- Balance changes

Balance changes

Tournaments are really good for us developers to see the state of the game. While there were no crashes, disconnects or major bugs during Crescent Major 1, which we were really pleased about(!), some of the feedback from the community indicated that the current meta is not varied enough, and that some strategies are too strong. At least in 2 on 2 games! 

We have further analysed the game, read comments, discussed, etc., and from that, we are launching this update in an attempt to address some of the concerns. The changes addresses som strategies deemed "OP", it buffs the most underused unit, and it attempts to encourage more variety of strategies, for example by trying to make some underused village improvements into more attractive choices. 

We attempt to make iterative and not too radical changes. For example, the Light Axeman nerfs are just reverting some stats back to what they used to be in an earlier build. While some, like Apothecary, needed a bigger buff to make it seem more attractive.

This time we are also trying something new in the post, which is adding dev notes to explain the changes.

We thank you all for your input and suggestions!

Future development

We are currently focusing mainly on new features. As part of this, we already have a working version of waypoints in a development branch, so we will start testing that soon. Currently though, we are working on several areas that will increase performance in the game, which are important for large battles in 2 on 2 and FFA games. Only mid to high range computers can play these types of multiplayer games relatively lag free at the moment, so this is important for us to address. We have also started adding animals that can be hunted for food.

Introducing King of Kings: first FFA Tournament

Pit yourself against 3 other players and compete for land and glory in a pitched battle where only one will come out on top. 

All tournament matches will be 4 players FFA, rounds and matchups will be announced 24h before tournament depending on the number of sign ups.

WHEN: 17/04/21 @ 8pm UTC 

PM BS.Scribe on Discord for signups & any further questions!


Happy Easter!

Have a nice Easter everybody!

Change log


  • Cleaned up Village Improvements panel design

Balance Changes

  • Javelinman has 13 ranged attack damage (from 12)
  • Javelinman ranged attack speed is 1.75s (from 2)

Dev notes: Javelinman had no place in the game, with his shorter ranged and less DPS than Archer, thus easily making him the least used unit in the current meta. Now that Javelinman attack stats are buffed (DPS: 6 -> 7.4), players will have a more viable choice to swap the longest range in the game for a unit that has lower range, but is slightly stronger in melee ecnounters, has a bit more health, and deals higher damage.

  • Javelinman also gains + 1 move speed when Skirmisher is researched

Dev notes: The speed buff makes Javelinman more fun to upgrade and helps Javelinman act more as an actual skirmisher. Javelinman will be able to move in and out of battles quicker, and move in easier to counter ranged units who have longer range. Javelinman is also better at raiding Villager now. Only Light Axeman will be able to counter Javelinman's skirmisher move speed.

  • Slinger ranged attack speed is 1.75s (from 2, DPS: 3.5 -> 4)

Dev notes: Slinger dealt very low DPS, and was hardly ever a viable option compared to Light Axeman because of this, since Light Axeman would massacre a lot of Villagers by the time any Slinger could deal with it. With this minor change, you are slightly better prepared to kill off Light Axeman before he massacres all your villagers, and if someone sacrifices all his or her Light Axemen in an attempt to cripple your economy, you might be able to push back more than before against your enemy, given that you might have more Slingers than your enemy has Light Axemen. Slinger with Howling Rocks and lead bullets also becomes a slightly more viable option, with DPS 4.5 -> 5.15.

  • Light Axeman base attack damage is 9 (from 10)

Dev notes: Light Axeman already has the advantage of the highest movement speed in the game when upgraded, and was proven to be very hard to counter, especially for Villager without Militia. This slight nerf means your Villager has a better chance to fight back without getting hit too hard economically, since Light Axeman now needs 9 hits to kill a Villager (from 8). It also encourages equipping copper ax early.

  • Light Axeman base move speed is 8 (from 9)

Dev notes: 8 move speed is already the highest base move speed in the game apart from Scout's, and 10 is still the highest move speed in the game on par with Scout's. This minor nerf gives defender slightly more time to react to ambushes and move Villager away from Light Axeman raids.

  • Spearman has 170 health (from 160)

Dev notes: Spearman is supposed to be a tank, but seemed slightly too weak for this purpose.

  • Heavy Axeman has 160 base health (from 170)

Dev notes: Heavy Axeman has become fun to use with the recent changes, but was still a bit too strong as a tank (especially considering Brute Strength increases health), as he is meant to be vulnerable to ranged attacks. 13 non-upgraded Javelinmen can now one-shot a non-upgraded Heavy Axeman (from 15 in the previous update).

  • Apothecary also provides Villager with + 20 hitpoints

Dev notes: This makes the improvement more attractive for a defensive player, since in addition to healing Villager faster between raids, it also provides him or her with extra hitpoints. This means Villager will to a greater extent survive and heal between non-stop raiding strategies. With Apothecary researched, a non-upgraded Light Axeman needs 12 hits to kill a Villager. This also means you have two defensive improvements to choose between for defending against early rushes, and there are now 3 improvements overall (Apothecary, Militia, Wheel) that improve Villager in different ways, which increases raiding difficulty against economic boomers over time.

  • Wheel also provides Villager with + 1 move speed

Dev notes: This improves the economic benefits as well as helping Villager escape stronger raids later in the game.

  • Code of Law increases Villager training speed by 25% (from 15%)

Dev notes: The increased Villager training speed can help boost your economy long-term, and help you recover Villager faster after successful raids. This improvement has been underused so far since it requires a Palace and it takes some time for its effect to be noticable.

  • Priests generate 0.4 knowledge each (from 0.3)

Dev notes: this makes it a bit more worthwhile to take villagers away from gathering resources to work as priests. Those (up to) 2 extra knowledge generation points means you are always steadily progressing towards the next village improvement, no matter your food surplus.

  • Scribes increases Priest knowledge generation to 0.8 (from 0.6)

Dev notes: this means if you have 5 priests, even during starvation, they will generate 4 knowledge, and the maximum knowledge generation in the game is increased to 7 (from 6). With Scribes, priests and food surplus, you can upgrade your units in no time!

  • Architects is renamed to 'Masons', is no longer a Palace technology, and requires 30 knowledge (from 40)

Dev notes: Architecture was never a viable improvement, since by the time you have a Palace, you have constructed most of what you need already. Being available right away could prove more useful for those wanting to wall-in quickly, get a fast Palace, etc.

Bug fixes

  • Showing Palace and Village Center knowledge generation
  • Fixed crash that could happen if Palace was constructed before Village Improvements Tree was ever opened
  • Fixed melee armor not reducing damage
  • Fixed "damaged file" error for macOS users

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