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Change log

Balance changes

  • Swordsman attack damage is 23 (from 21)

Dev Notes: In our tests Swordsman felt a tad underwhelming due to their cost and not having more attack damage than a fully upgraded Heavy Axeman.

  • Composite Bow no longer adds + 1 ranged attack damage to Archer

Dev Notes: Vanilla Archer feels balanced, but fully upgraded Archer can become a deathball as soon as the increased range is in place, so we decided to remove the attack bonus since the longer range is already so impactful.

  • Battering Ram ranged armor is 12 (from 6)

Dev Notes: Battering Ram costs a lot, and is slow, so it needed a big buff against ranged attacks to make it more attractive. Archer is now pretty much useless against it, whereas previously Battering Ram would often not even reach Watchtower before getting destroyed by Archer.

  • Battering Ram base move speed is 2 (from 3)

Dev Notes: Battering Ram is now incredibly efficient against areas that are only defended by ranged units, so the reduced move speed makes it a bit easier to react to its threat. It also means you still have to plan your attack and defend the Battering Ram against melee units.

  • Improved Engineering improves Battering Ram move speed by + 2 (from 1)

Dev Notes: This makes it more attractive to research. The vanilla Battering Ram is now useful in certain scenarios, but also slow. With this upgrade Battering Ram can be moved in a lot quicker and cause a lot of devestation against an enemy that focuses mostly on defense and ranged units. The upgrade still adds +100 hit points and 200% damage to Gate as well.

  • Watchtower now reduces ranged attack damage by 40% from sling shots and arrows (from 2)

Dev Notes: This means Slinger deals 4 damage instead of 5 to garrisoned units, fully upgraded Archer deals 7 damage instead of 10, and Villager still deals full damage to garrisoned units. The 40% damage reduction for garrisoned units makes early tower rush too powerful, so Villager ranged attack is excempt from the damage reduction.

  • Garrisoned units no longer have delay between their ranged attacks

Dev Notes: A larger group of Archer could easily beat multiple watchtowers garrisoned by Archer. The reason is that the garrisoned units would pick one and one target, and there was an attack delay between each killed unit, whilst the ground units would continue attacking the garrisoned units like any other building, so there would never be an attack delay for them. This meant that even with 40% damage reduction, garrisoned units were at a disadvantage. With this change, garrisoned units finally win confortably, and watchtowers are now actually efficient for defending areas. Our tests indicate that you need 8 Archers to comfortably beat 4 garrisoned Archers.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed wrong animation loop for upgraded Archer fire and upgraded Archer die animations

Change log

Bug fixes

  • Implemented fix for villagers in certain cases having more max HP than they should

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