- Animals, Waypoints, Performance

Animals and hunting
We've added 3 animals that can be hunted for food: Gazelle, Mouflon and Boar. All of these animals are always part of a flock of multiple specimen.

Gazelle and Mouflon are not aggressive and attacking them every so often will cause their flock to change map position in opposite direction from attack. 

Boar is aggressive and works like creeps in Warcraft 3. The whole boar flock will fight back if you engage with any of the boars in the flock, and the boar flock will only follow you a certain distance until they move back to their initial flock area.

Villagers can carry 25 meat and it's faster to skin animals than foraging or farming.

Meat can be delievered to Resource Camp as well as Granary.

You can now set waypoints by holding SHIFT. Some examples of uses are, that you can set waypoints for a scout to make exploring easier, or set waypoints on multiple trees to control which trees a villager will cut down first, or set waypoints for a group of sappers to tell them which order they should destroy enemy buildings.

Performance improvements
We've improved performance in several areas, like pathfinding, rendering of minimap, unit vision ranges and detection of enemy units, to make four player games more stable.

New and updated sounds
You'll notice new sounds for actions like opening and closing Gate, newly trained Villager or military unit, Villager entering Palace to work as Priest, and more, as well as addition voice overs for male and female villagers.

Unit upgrade chages
We've changed unit upgrades so that it's easier to see which unit they upgrade. We've also made some balance changes to these. For example, Slinger and Light Axeman upgrades are stronger, but now requires Palace to research.

Masons replaces Architects village improvement
In addition to making Villager faster at constructing buildings, Masons also increases Villager digging clay speed. It doesn't require Palace to be constructed to research.

Pathfinding for larger units
We've improved pathfinding for Battering Ram, so that it finds smoother paths. The changes has also made the game ready for other large units like War Chariot or Boat to be added in future updates.

Balance changes
We've tried to make some village improvements more useful, changed the pacing of early game to reflect animals added to the game, made sure unit upgrades require Palace so they don't break early game, reduced efficiency of "Archer deathball", and more.

Change log

General changes

  • Added 3 animals that can be hunted for food: mouflon, boar, gazelle
  • You can now queue waypoints for unit or group of units by holding SHIFT
  • Renamed all unit upgrades so they are more easily referred to unit they upgrade
  • New icons for village improvements unit upgrades so it's easier to see from a glance what improvement upgrades which unit
  • Replaced passive ability box with just showing upgraded unit in all unit portraits instead
  • Train unit buttons from military buildings now shows upgraded unit portraits
  • Improved Battering Ram crush farm mechanic
  • Vision range is shaped more like a circle
  • Villagers tasked to construct resource delivery point and after reaching building when construction is completed will now look for nearby resources to gather automatically
  • New icon for Masons village improvement


  • Performance improvements for detailed pathfinding
  • Performance improvements for units finding paths over large distances
  • Performance improvements for units moving in a group
  • Performance improvements for rendering mini map
  • Performance improvementes for units trying to reach a blocked path (for example many units surrounding a building to attack)
  • Performance improvements for updating unit vision


  • Improved Battering Ram pathfinding and movement on open ground
  • Improved Battering Ram pathfinding and movement around other units of all sizes 
  • Improved Battering Ram pathfinding and movement through gates
  • Other units of all sizes are generally better at moving with and around Battering Ram
  • Improved logic for units of different sizes asking each other to give space when paths collide or path is through idle units, so if Battering Ram is surrounded by idle units it is now able to ask units to give space and move on


  • Added open and close gate sounds
  • Added produce equipment sound
  •  Added unique voice for scout unit
  • Added another female voice for tribe unit and female villager
  • Added two additional voices for male villager
  • Added new village enters palace to work as priest sounds
  • Updated building construct and select sounds (new sound for selecting Palace)
  • New trained villager unit sound
  • New trained military unit sound

General balance

  • Palace costs 200 food, 200 bricks, 100 wood to construct (from 150 food, 150 bricks, 100 wood)
  • Masons increases clay digging speed by 30% and adds 20% villager construction and repair speed (from 0%/30%)
  • Code of Law increases villager training speed by 40% (from 25%)
  • Organised Warfare increases military training speed by 30% (from 20%)
  • Apothecary requires Palace and increases Villager hit points by 50 (from 20)
  • Scribes costs 30 knowledge to research (from 40)
  • Some buildings (military, palace) require on average 15% more man power time to construct
  • Foraging takes ~4% less time
  • Clay takes ~33% longer to dig
  • Wood takes ~33% longer to chop
  • Workshop can't be constructed until Palace is constructed
  • Villager Center base siege armor is 1 (from 2)

Unit balance

  • Slinger first attack delay is 1.25s (from 1.75)
  •  Upgraded Slinger requires Palace and deals 5 area of effect damage (from 3)
  • Javelinman first attack delay is 1.25s (from 1.5s)
  • Upgraded Javelinman deals double damage when enemy unit has full health (instead of dealing extra damage against ranged units)
  • Archer attack speed is 1.5s (from 1.25s)
  • Archer base ranged damage is 8 (from 9)
  • Upgraded Light Axeman requires Palace and adds +1 attack damage (in additon to +2 movement speed like previously)
  • Upgraded Spearman also gains +30 health (in addition to +3 ranged armour as previously)
  • Upgraded Swordsman also gains +3 attack damage (in addition to evading 25% of attacks as previously)

Bug fixes

  • Unit moving to rally point no longer stops when blocked on its way to rally point destination
  • Howling bullets area of effect damage no longer impacts Battering Ram 
  • Unit chasing another slower unit now attacks when close enough (instead of just stopping up/bumping with no attack)
  • Fixed an out of sync bug that could happen during battle with ranged units
  • UI no longer breaks if watchtower is selected and then select Palace and vice verca
  • Fixed connection to South America regional server for multiplayer
  • Moving mouse cursor when game is minimized no longer causes the camera to move
  • Mouse cursor will only be in enter state holding over palace if villager is selected
  • Clicking on farm with selected villager owning farm will no longer reset food carrying
  • Fixed problems with soil fertility and wall cost indicators when attempting to place buildings outside of map boundraries

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i like the new animals, and i think we really needed the performance updates
9.9/10 update