- Improvements, Balance, Bug Fixes

Change log

General improvementes

  • Queueing construction of buildings by holding SHIFT no longer resets place building state
  • Villager switching between foraging, hunting and farming will no longer drop carrying resources if already carrying food
  • If a player resigns before civilization center has been constructed all units will be removed from game
  • You can now see your ally stock of clay, wood, metal and units in addition to food
  • You can close 'You resigned/was defeated" message in multiplayer
  • Units can move through meat

Balance changes

  • Foraging harvest difficulty decreased by 8%
  • Fruit trees have 50 food (from 30)
  • Villager initial ranged attack delay is 0.4s (from 0.75s)
  • Slinger initial ranged attack delay is 1s (from 1.25s)
  • Javelinman initial ranged attack delay is 0.5s (from 1.25s)
  • Javelinman base ranged armor is 1 (from 0)
  • Swordsman costs 70 food and 15 metal (from 35 food and 15 metal)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed problem with battering ram finding path to building
  • Villager taking over farm carrying resources that is not food will no longer have that resource turned into food but resource will be dropped instead
  • Fixed a problem with waypoints that prevented units units from transitioning to next action
  • Fixed that map generation in rare cases was generating marshland and trees on every single tile
  • Fixed a problem with ordering villager to skin meat but on reaching meat villager will idle
  • Allied defeated message is no longer mostly hidden behind elipsis
  • Fixed a problem with random generator after first multiplayer game

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