- Wonder victory

Accumulate knowledge points

We have changed how village improvements are obtained. Instead of choosing a village improvement to research and wait for it to become researched, you will now instead accumulate knowledge points that can be spent anytime to unlock village improvements.

Multiple new ways of playing have been made possible by introducing this knowledge points system. For example, you don't have to decide what to research straight away. This means you can scout your surroundings, your enemy, etc., and have a think at the beginning of the game, before accumulating enough knowledge points, and then decide which village improvement to research first. Another example is that you can also save up points for post-palace village improvements.

Wonder victory

We are introducing a new way to win the game: by constructing a Wonder!

The Wonder has to be constructed in four phases, each costing different amounts of resources. 

For the first three levels you construct or upgrade to, you are rewarded with knowledge points, whilst upgrading to the fourth stage wins you the game!

Whenever someone constructs a Wonder or upgrades it to stage 2 or 3, you will be notified of a rumour about this.

Wonder victory can be enabled/disabled when creating a multiplayer room.

Save and load single player mission

Finally, saving and loading has landed! You can now save single player mission sessions and continue later. 

Just keep in mind that since this game is still in quite early development, save games might break from version to version, especially when we add new or make changes to existing major features. Thanks for the understanding! :)

Updated sound track

We have updated the sound track with new tunes. Listen for these some time after you construct a palace!

Order villagers to continue to gather last resource

This command makes it less frustrating to order villagers back to gather resources, after using them as militia to defend your base against enemy raids. With the click of a button (or hotkey), villagers will now automatically move back to whatever resource they were gathering last, and if the resource was depleted in the meantime, they will automatically look for a new resource of the same type nearby.

Palace extends militia radius

Placement of Palace is now a more meaningful choice. With militia researched, all villagers within palace vision range will now automatically turn into militia (like with the Village Center).


Balance changes

We have analysed data gathered from the release of animals and throughout several weeks of multiplayer games and Crescent Major 2. From this, we noticed a few areas of early game that were impacted by the arrival of animals. Therefore, we've carefully made some general changes to make early game (in our opinions) more interesting.

We have also done a more comprehensive cost benefit ratio for each unit, as well as considered their unit roles. We are continously trying to make sure units are given a meaningful place in the game, as well as making then feel good (and fun!) to use. Exepect quite a lot of changes to units in this build!

Change log

New additions

  • Added a new building that has to be constructed in four stages and leads to a new victory condition Wonder Victory
  • Added save and load feature for single player games
  • Added new sound tracks that play after Palace has been constructed
  • Added a new button that orders villagers to continue to gather last resource they remember gathering
  • Added 3 new military unit select and move to voices

General improvements

  • Made changes to technology tree: researching now requires spending of knowledge points that accumulates with knowledge generation
  • Made changes to top-left UI to reflect new knowledge points system
  • If a villager is gathering resources and you select a delivery point and then make a waypoint, upon delivering the resource the villager will now follow the next waypoint instead of going back to gather last resource
  • Updated tooltips in top-left UI about knowledge and food
  • Updated team color shades for red, green, yellow

Balance changes


  • Fruit trees have 30 food (from 50)
  • Villager meat gathering speed is ~4% slower
  • Villager base digging clay speed is ~10% faster

Village improvements

  • Militia also provides villager with bonus stats when within Palace vision range
  • Masons adds 20% villager clay digging speed and 25% villager construction and repair speed (from 30%/20%) 
  • Apothecary increases unit health regeneration speed by 300%
  • Elite Light Axeman no longer requires Palace
  • Elite Slinger no longer requires Palace

Animal flocks

  • Mouflon flocks have 4-5 animals (from 5-6)
  • Antelope flocks have 6-8 animals (from 8-10)
  • Scout deals 1 damage to animals (from 3)


  • Watchtower provides garrisoned units with 60% reduced damage from ranged attacks (from 40)
  • Palace has 24 vision range (from 16)
  • Barracks costs 100 clay and 20 wood to construct (from 100 clay and 10 wood)
  • Archery costs 80 clay and 40 wood to construct (from 80 clay and 20 wood)
  • Dwelling costs 40 clay and 10 wood to construct (from 40 clay and 5 wood)

All units

  • All units heal 1 hitpoints per 3 seconds(from per 5 seconds)

Light Axeman

  • Light Axeman costs 35 food to train (from 25)
  • Light Axeman deals 8 base damage (from 9)
  • Upgraded Light Axeman gains +1 armor against ranged attacks (from 0) and +1 movement speed (from 2), as well as +1 attack damage like previsouly


  • Slinger costs 20 food and 15 wood to train (from 25 food)
  • Slinger deals 4 base melee attack damage (from 5)
  • Slinger initial attack delay is 0.5s (from 1s)
  • Slinger has 6 base movement speed (from 7)
  • Upgraded Slinger now gains +15% attack speed instead of +1 ranged attack damage
  • Upgraded Slinger ranged attack now slows down enemy movement speed by 3 for 2 seconds
  • Upgraded Slinger no longer deals area of effect damage
  • Lead bullets adds an additional +1 siege damage to Slinger

Javelin Thrower

  • Javelin Thrower costs 25 food and 30 wood to train (from 25 food and 35 wood)
  • Javelin Thrower has 125 base hit points (from 110)
  • Javelin Thrower base ranged attack damage is 12 (from 13)
  • Upgraded Javelin Thrower now also gains +1 armor against ranged attacks


  • Archer costs 30 food and 40 wood to train (from 25 food and 35 wood)
  • Archer base ranged attack damage is 9 (from 8)
  • Archer initial attack delay is 0.5s (from 0.75s)

Heavy Axeman

  • Heavy Axeman costs 50 food to train (from 45)
  • Upgraded Heavy Axeman attack now slows down enemy attack speed by 40%
  • Upgraded Heavy Axeman no longer gains a +15 health boost


  • Spearman costs 40 food and 20 wood to train (from 35 food and 15 wood)
  • Spearman has 230 base hit points (from 170)
  • Spearman deals 10 base damage (from 11)
  • Sperman deals 4 base siege damage (from 5)


  • Sapper costs 25 food and 25 wood to train (from 35 food and 15 wood)
  • Sapper has 150 base hitpoints (from 120)
  • Sapper deals 15 siege damage (from 12)
  • Upgraded Sapper now also gains +1 movement speed and +1 armor against ranged attacks

Battering ram

  • Battering ram costs 25 food and 75 wood to train (from 50 food and 50 wood)

Bug fixes

  • Buildings and resource snapshots are no longer removed when the object they imitate is destroyed
  • Fixed waypoint bugs that had to do with target waypoints getting destroyed
  • Fixed garrison watchtower command not working
  • Upgraded Archer icon shows composite bow
  • Resetting research progress bar correctly upon completion of research
  • Stop villager production now shows if village center is selected upon completed construction
  • Max food in stock is 9999 so number doesn't overflow UI
  • Fixed villager occassionaly looking like digging clay after clay pit was depleted
  • Fixed a pathfinding problem that could prevent units from reaching target
  • Fixed an out of syncs that could happen when interacting with animals within first second(s) of a multiplayer game
  • Fixed formatting on required technology message for production button tooltip
  • Moving unit to a target controller in fog of war that has been destroyed no longer causes unit to idle but unit will move to target location
  • Fixed showing top part of snapshot of watchtower that was in constrction
  • Fixed problems with wrong enemy gate sprites in fog of war
  • Fixed animal die sounds not muted by sound settings
  • Killed Battering Ram removes 2 used housing (instead of 1)
  • Fixed a problem that prevented a team mate from constructing buildings on top of his own units in team games
  • Can no longer place wall segments on unexplored tiles
  • Showing correct team color on buildings when attempting to construct building while mouse cursor is outside map
  • Fixed text in completed production of equipment notification
  • Fixed incorrect description of equipment requirements
  • ALT+F4 while loading multiplayer will no longer freeze game for the rest of players
  • Animal die sound only plays if visible for local player
  • If target is walled in then unit will now find paths around obstacles in the same zone and not just stop and look like idling (without idle indicator) when blocked by any object
  • Fixed a bug that occassionally would prevent you from constructing any more buildings for the rest of the game after placing walls
  • No longer showing palace number of priests indicator while place is in construction
  • Revolters killing their tribe center will no longer end games and show wrong player statuses on game over screens in multiplayer

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