- Market place

Market place

We added a new building market place.

The market place lets you buy and sell resources.

Change log

New content

  • Added new building Market Place that lets you buy and sell resources

General improvements

  • Updated gate building icon
  • Can click on depleted clay pit
  • Performance improvement when placing or destroying buildings and killing animals

Balance changes

  • Battering Ram has 6 base ranged armor (from 12)
  • Battering Ram has 300 base health (from 350)
  • Spearman has 220 base health (from 230)
  • Wonder has 1000 base health (from 3000)
  • Wonder upgrades adds hitpoints by 750 (stage II) and 250 (stage  III) (from 1000 (stage II) and 2000 (stage III))
  • Baked clay bricks upgrades wonder hitpoints by 500 (from 1000)

General bug fixes

  • Battering rams no longer have problems reaching target building from bottom side of building when building is placed on a certain part of pathfinding region
  • Game no longer freeze when a player with palace revolts
  • Fixed a potential freeze that could happen when top-left notifications are closed because of revolt
  • Fixed a problem with placing building on top of villager ordered to construct it
  • Placing building on top of units will no longer affect their end target position
  • Fixed some very rare group pathfinding errors
  • Having a furnace that produces equipment destroyed will no longer make it impossible to produce any equipment in production or queued for production in that furnace in other furnaces as well
  • Correct max sound limit on placing multipla wall segments
  • Correct size, offset and texture settings for selected wonder rectangle
  • Wonder upgrade progress bar is removed if cancelling upgrade
  • Playing smoke effect on wonder destroyed
  • Music no longer stops in the middle of a track before playing post-palace track
  • Palace tracks play after loading saved game if palace exists
  • Fixed metal snapshot position
  • Fixed several save and load bugs

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