0.3.3 - Development Feature

We are overwhelmed by the number of downloads, comments, and users joining our newly created Discord channel.

We take this as a sign that people are looking for new Real Time Strategy games to play. Developing this kind of game is a challenge, but all the great feedback we have received so far has been fantastic help.

The plan was originally to release this version as a content update later down the track. However, people brought up some critical issues that we wanted to address quickly, so we decided to include whatever new content we have been working on up until this point.

New content: Metalworking and Swordsman

You can now research Metalworking. This will allow you to train Swordsman, elite infantry, at the Barracks. 

Other improvements

  • Added support for 32-bit systems.
  • Added different Game Over screens that describe why you lost.
  • Difficulty levels have been renamed to BEGINNER, EXPERIENCED, and EXPERT.
  • BEGINNER difficulty level is now easier.
  • Made sure all hotkeys are properly shown in tooltips.
  • It's now easier to differentiate between gold and metal resources in the environment.
  • Fixed wrong descriptions of buildings and resources.

Balance changes

  • Slinger's training time has been increased from 12s to 14s.
  • Slinger's wood requirement has been increased from 15 to 35 wood.
  • Slinger's damage has been reduced from 8 to 6.
  • Javelin Thrower's siege damage has been reduced from 3 to 2. 

Bug fixes

  • Game no longer crashes if you have less than -50 food.
  • Fixed a bug that caused ranged enemy AI units to run into melee range and then do nothing.
  • Fleeing from an enemy unit will now cause the enemy unit to correctly chase you.
  • Fixed some minor typos.

If you're keen to join and discuss the development, join here: The Fertile Crescent Discord Channel


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Jun 11, 2018

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