0.3.3D - Small Update and The Road Ahead


- You can now pause and resume the game by pressing 'P'.
- Clicking the top-right button now opens a menu instead of just quitting the game, with the options to resume game, open main menu, or quit application.
-  Spearman now has correct stats (had Swordsman's stats attached by fault), so it should in many cases be easier to defend against enemy attacks.
- Reduced Swordsman's HP from 280 to 240.

The Road Ahead

The Fertile Crescent is in early alpha, so we still have a long road ahead of us. What will we focus on first?

Apart from fixing issues and responding to feedback, we want to focus on implementing game mechanics and finish a strong foundation. This means adding planned units, buildings, technologies etc., and features like grouping units and a mini map.

Some of you have requested more map options. And then we have the bane of many RTS games, a challenging enemy AI. It's really hard to decide what to implement first, so the road map is fluid.

The game currently only contains one sound effect (chopping wood) and a free music track we found online. However, we have started sketching out our own music and creating sound effects.

Our favourite goal is to implement multiplayer, and we have plans for how to do it. However, we want to implement more planned features before tackling this aspect of the game.


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Jun 13, 2018

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