0.4.6 - Audiovisuals and General Improvements

This build improves the game is several areas.

Menu theme
The menus are no longer quiet! Please enjoy our newest musical piece. :)

We've redone environments and buildings, so that lighting feels more vibrant and tiles look less flat and more like grass. 

Ranged units
It's been too easy to kite with ranged units against melee units. This has been addressed by adding a delay that resets each time a ranged unit initiates an attack. Axeman and Spearman have also been given slightly more hitpoints to help them reach ranged units.

Another annoyance was that projectiles would not always hit moving targets, favouring zigzag movement against ranged units. This has also been addressed. Every projectile fired will now hit its target.

Toggle Villager training
This has been the most requested change since last update. You can now toggle on and off Villager training in the Tribe Centre.

Scout is back
It's now available to train at Resource Camp.

There are quite a lot of other general improvements and bug fixes as well. Check out the full change log below for more!

Change log 0.4.6

- Added menu theme

- Updated all buildings
- Updated all buildings buttons
- Updated all tiles
- Updated berry bush, tree and metal deposit
- Updated basket belonging to villager foraging berries
- Consistent shadows on all buildings
- Replaced menu background

Villager training
- You can now toggle on and off Villager training at Tribe Centre
- Villager takes 20 s to train (down from 24 s)
- Max reduction of Villager training speed 80% (down from 90%)
- Reduced Villager training speed per Villager is now 2% per Villager over 10 (down from 5%)

- Metal is 33% harder to mine
- 25 wood per tree (up from 20)
- Technologies require 40 knowledge (up from 30)

Ranged units
- Added small delay (0.5 s) between first ranged shot on a new target enemy
- Bowman now starts with 4 attack range (down from 5, but Composite Bow upgrade still upgrades attack range to 6)
- Projectiles now always hit target unit once fired

Melee units
- Axeman now has 65 hp (up from 60 hp)
- Spearman now has 85 hp (up from 75 hp)
- Scout can now be trained at Resource Camp for 15 food and 5 wood and 12 s training time

Misc improvements
- Updated description of tile's soil quality when clicked on
- Victory and Game Over screens are now the same in SP as MP, so you can explore the map after game ends in SP as well
- Updated How To Play pages
- Mini map move now works by just holding down mouse button (previously you had to start dragging and just clicking didn't work)
- Now showing hotkey for selecting idle Villager when hovering idle Villager button
- Music now streaming instead of being decompressed on leads
- No longer showing "Made With Unity" splash

Bug fixes
- Resource camp now costs what the tooltip describes
- Fixed offset on villager icon
- Villager now has correct hitpoints (40 instead of 120)
- Bowman has correct attack trigger radius
- Can no longer see what enemy is producing in their buildings
- Units no longer travel to the bottom of the map in rare cases that could happen when constructing buildings 
- Fixed pathfinding problems that would occur if clicking to move to single or many locations fast
- Fixed UI scaling for screen widths between 1400 - 3839
- No longer exported development version by mistake


The Fertile Crescent 0_4_6.zip 37 MB
Apr 11, 2019
The Fertile Crescent 0_4_6 Linux.zip 39 MB
Apr 11, 2019

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