0.4.7 - More General Improvements

This build is part of our continuous focus on polishing the game experience. We don't want to focus too much on new content until we are happy with what's already there. 

We are getting there though! In the next build, we will try to focus more on new content.

Is this farm available?
You'll be able to see which farms have been taken up by a farmer much easier now.

Baked Clay Bricks
Increase building's hp with this newly added technology.

Balanced Militia
These units have had a small hp boost.

Sound controls
Because of this community request, you can now control both sound effects and music volume seperately in the main menus and in the in-game menu.

Bug fixes
More than half the change log contains this, because they are important and enjoyable to fix. Read below for details.

Changelog 0.4.7

- Added new technology: Baked Clay Bricks that increases all building's hp
- Added indicator that only shows when one or more Villager is selected, and that shows which farms are taken by a villager
- You can now adjust sound effects and music volume respectively in game settings in both main menu and in-game
- Updated art for Farm
- Added sound for when you confirm a difficulty level in dropdown

- Militia has 55 hp (up from 50)

Bug fixes
- Fixed pathfinding issues that happened on top of farms
- Game no longer crash when a ranged unit fires from a node that is at the edge of the world
- Villager can no longer farm enemy farm but will attack it instead if asked to
- When placing a building the occupied tiles are now always visible, even if building is placed in FOW
- Moving away from a building being constructed will no longer let it get consumed by FOW
- Constructed buildings with 0 vision range will no longer get consumed by FOW
- Buildings being constructed no longer has its sprite changed to constructed when enemy attacks it
- Enemy tribe has now cleared land so that units never start stuck between resources
- Auto focus game name input field in create room panel now works properly
- Auto focus chat field in room now works properly
- Granary correctly costs 50 clay and 20 wood to place (tooltip said 50 clay and 20 wood but it costed 50 clay and 30 wood)
- Fixed typo


The Fertile Crescent 0_4_7 Linux.zip 39 MB
Apr 16, 2019
The Fertile Crescent 0_4_7.zip 37 MB
Apr 16, 2019

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